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Topic Where do you like a man to cum on your body.
Posted 07 Apr 2014 17:18


Topic Have you ever fucked two different people in a day?
Posted 10 Mar 2014 17:28

Numerous times

Topic Multiple men cumming in you a turn-on?
Posted 01 Sep 2013 13:45

I love the idea of being a cum slut. I have had 3 guys all cum inside me one after the other. My god was it hot, wet and messy. However these were guys that we knew well enough to still be safe.

I would love to be a cum dump for a bunch of strangers like at a glory hole. However, the safety factor will keep this a fantasy.

Topic Have you ever had sex at work?
Posted 01 Sep 2013 13:25

Numerous times. It is very exciting.

Topic Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted 19 Aug 2013 19:39


Topic Would you ever fuck someone...
Posted 23 Dec 2012 09:29

I have done this a few times. It is not uncommon at some of the swinger parties we have gone to. Although I love unprotected sex I would never do this without some protection.

Topic Bukkake?
Posted 06 Dec 2012 21:29

I have not but it is a fantasy I want to experience. I have had 3 guys cum on me during a gangbang. That was hot but not quite bukkake

Topic Sperm
Posted 25 Nov 2012 18:25

Of course I love a lot of cum. I love to feel it inside my pussy or in my mouth. I am not sad if it is just a little, it still gets me off. One of my fantasies is bukakke so I guess I would like a lot of cum.

Topic Fishnet Stockings
Posted 24 Nov 2012 17:56

I am not a huge fan of fishnets. I prefer the look of sheer stockings on my legs.

Topic Stockings and Suspenders (Garter Belts)
Posted 23 Nov 2012 18:18

I almost always wear stockings and garters. Even for evyday work wear I prefer them over pantyhose

Topic A guy wearing your panties
Posted 19 Nov 2012 22:31

i have had my hubby fuck me when wearing my panties. now he always wears panties

Topic Fisting... Turnon or turnoff?
Posted 19 Nov 2012 22:16

I have tried it but not really sucessfully. I may try it again with the right person.

Topic Water Sports
Posted 19 Nov 2012 22:14

I have peed on my hubby a number of times. I love, he loves it. If you like kinky its worth a try. Not nasty at all.

Topic Have you ever squirted?
Posted 19 Nov 2012 18:12

I have a few times. The first time freaked us both out.

Topic Would you have a threesome? or an orgy?
Posted 12 Nov 2012 14:42

I have and will again

Topic What's the naughtiest thing you've done sexually at work?
Posted 11 Nov 2012 11:11

I was seduced by an older woman at work. It was my first girl on girl sex. We have sex in the storage room 3 times. We got caught the last time by a co worker. Thankfully she did not tell anyone.

Topic back to back without the man knowing it.....
Posted 09 Nov 2012 19:44

I have a few times at swinger parties. I think most men there expect sloppy seconds so it may not have surprised them. I have come home and fucked my hubby a few times and told him part way into it he was not the first of the night. That is part of our lifestyle.

Topic Eating your own cum?
Posted 09 Nov 2012 19:36

It's too good to waste

Topic guys ever wear panties?
Posted 09 Nov 2012 19:29

My hubby has worn nothing but ladies panties for years

Topic favorite lube?
Posted 09 Nov 2012 19:27

Adam and Eve anal Lube

Topic Fuck or Pass???
Posted 09 Nov 2012 19:18

Polite pass

Topic Ladies, do you like tasting your own pussy juice?
Posted 09 Nov 2012 19:11

I love to taste my own pussy.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 09 Nov 2012 17:13

he has good taste in movies

Topic would you ever want to see your girl fucked by another man?
Posted 09 Nov 2012 17:11

Seen it, loved it, will do it again, hopefully this weekend.

Topic How many different man you had sex in one day?
Posted 04 Nov 2012 11:36

4 in one day

Topic Sloppy seconds , thirds, fourths etc...........
Posted 02 Nov 2012 19:08

We have had a few experiences with this. My hubby loves to slide his cock in my wet, loose slimy pussy. Personally, i love having multiple men cum inside me. I love to feel the squirting cocks.

Topic piercings?
Posted 02 Nov 2012 19:02

Ears, Navel, and Nipples. I love clit rings.

Topic Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted 02 Nov 2012 18:43

I love the feel taste and smell of a big cock in my mouth. Gets me hard everytime

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 01 Nov 2012 20:34

10 minutes ago.....ready for more

Topic oral after sex
Posted 30 Oct 2012 19:39

My hubby loves to lick me clean after he or another guy cums inside me. I love the feel as my pussy is so sensative at that time. I love to swap cum with him too.