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Married bisexual older guy who loves to play either role (top/bottom, dom or sissy sub) and play with either sex! Variety is the spice of life and I like it spicy!!

Marti Fisher
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27 Oct 2011
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20 Apr 2014
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Love beautiful women and men, tits, ass, cock, pussy and lips. Oral-oriented but happy to allow you to do the same. Bending over for you is a dream of mine or being dominated by a strong sexy woman in front of other women or her lovers. Big fan of panties and stockings and have been known to slip into and wear them while out and about. Very open-minded and love having fun! Cuck me, fuck me, make me suck thee - it's all good to me! http://fantasti.cc/user/hrny4cok, smutty.com/user/hrny4cok/
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Topic: Are you a true pussy eater?
Posted: 07 Feb 2013 07:21

I LOVE eating pussy especially if the woman enjoys it and even more so if I'm able to bring her off in the process!

Topic: Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted: 07 Feb 2013 07:20

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, that's how I got started - sucking my best friend's cock while he sucked mine! I'll never forget the feeling as it was like I was sucking my own cock except it was BIGGER!

Topic: If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted: 07 Feb 2013 07:18

HELL YES! Each and every day, twice on the weekend!

Topic: Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted: 17 Jul 2012 03:50

Is that a giving or a receiving type of question?!? Either way the answer for me is "Yay yay yay all the way way way!!!"

Topic: Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted: 09 Mar 2012 03:43

Of course I would! I'd let her snowball me if she didn't want to swallow or if she swallowed and just wanted to share! I've eat her cream-filled pussy if the cream came from me or from her other favorite lover (could that be you?!?)

Topic: Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted: 09 Mar 2012 03:37

I just asked the girls and now it's our turn.would you masturbate in front of your wife or girlfriend?
How about a stranger?
How about another guy?

Wife - yes, and I've done so - quite a turn-on for both of us!

Stranger - depends on the circumstances but would definitely lean towards HELL YES!

Another guy - again, circumstances are key but again lean towards HELL YES!

It's all about having fun and I'm all in for that!

Topic: If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted: 09 Mar 2012 03:34

I would be the happiest man on the planet and do it each and every day without fail!!!!

Topic: What's your opinion on 69-ing?(:
Posted: 05 Feb 2012 03:58

Love love love 69ing! Outside of pleasuring myself, it was the first position I had sex in - sex with my best friend and my introduction to man on man or bisexuality! Something super sweet about having a mouthful of the other person while they are having a mouthful of you - almost like you're sucking yourself off (and that's something I'm just flexible enough to do myself!). Love it!

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Busted by My Sister's Boyfriend Ch. 02

Busted by My Sister's Boyfriend Ch. 02 My sister's boyfriend routinely stopped by the house under the pretense of helping me with my math while in reality, I was relieving the tension in his balls by sucking him off and allowing him to dump his load into my eager mouth behind closed doors. Occasionally, my sister Alicia would watch and give instructions as she fricked her clitty to climax....

Added 04 Mar 2012 | Category Gay Male | Votes 66 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 16,491 | 15 Comments

Taking Control

* this is a story of how my wife busted me doing some of my favorite things and then took control of the situation with some role reversal to satisfy both her and my hidden desires - enjoy! * It was one of those rare days when I was working from home and my wife had plans to be out running around with a couple of girlfriends for most of the day. Work had been dragging me down and I was...

Added 02 Mar 2012 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 57 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 27,007 | 15 Comments

Busted by My Sister's Boyfriend

Busted by My Sister's Boyfriend My sister Alicia is 2 years older than I am and built like a Greek Goddess with her braided blonde hair, slender body, long silky legs, tight round ass, and 36D breasts. Her boyfriend Bob is a college freshman soccer player who regularly spends the weekends at our house. My parents do a lot of weekend travel to relieve the stress of their jobs, so the house...

Added 01 Mar 2012 | Category Gay Male | Votes 83 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 34,533 | 20 Comments

Your Package Has Arrived - Part 2

Your Package Has Arrived Ch. 02 A couple of weeks had passed since the UPS man caught me looking at gay porn while delivering a package to my house and made me suck him off by threatening to tell my wife and neighbors, and in spite of the fact that he had said he’d be back in a week, I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of him. To be honest, while I liked the taste of his big black meat and liked...

Added 22 Feb 2012 | Category Gay Male | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.79 | Views 11,483 | 10 Comments

Your Package Has Arrived

Your Package Has Arrived My wife had left for the office but I decided to stay home that day as I was sick and tired of working and needed some time to myself. After grabbing a cup of coffee, I flipped on the TV and powered up the PC to check my morning mail. After rifling through the usual spam and bullshit messages from friends and relatives, I decided to check some of my favorite...

Added 24 Nov 2011 | Category Gay Male | Votes 35 | Avg Score 4.76 | Views 18,683 | 11 Comments

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Friends Comments
Posted: 20 Apr 2014 03:36
Thanks Coach! If I dress up in my favorite Easter garb, would you chase me around until you caught me?!? I promise not to run fast!
Posted: 19 Apr 2014 05:03
mmmmmmmm wonderful way to start a Saturday looking at your profile and getting horny...
Posted: 18 Apr 2014 03:15
Black or white is where it starts Horndog and then you ind yourself spreading out to sky blues, violets, and my favorite PINK! Enjoy...
Posted: 17 Apr 2014 12:41
Love all the sexy underwear your wearing got some black ones myself love the way my balls feel
Posted: 17 Apr 2014 08:13
Tie me up Papa and have your way with me!
Posted: 17 Apr 2014 04:06

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 05:08
:-) Who doesn't Horndog, who doesn't?!?
Posted: 14 Apr 2014 06:24
Thank you for adding me love a hot chick with extra
Posted: 11 Apr 2014 09:41
hey my internet is back up so here are my friday pics.

unfortunately i wont be posting for the next two week as i shall be in the USA without access to my computer.

Posted: 04 Apr 2014 15:28
Posted: 04 Apr 2014 02:51
Madyisnnemi - I want to be her!!!
Posted: 03 Apr 2014 20:02
Posted: 03 Apr 2014 04:04
Tellme.......yes yes YES!!!!!
Posted: 02 Apr 2014 18:31
Posted: 21 Mar 2014 03:19
Thank you Kelly! Love my girl on girl Friday love!!!
Posted: 21 Mar 2014 03:10
Hey it's Friday again. here are your weekly dose of sexy cuties.

Posted: 19 Mar 2014 17:47
Thanx for adding me.
Posted: 19 Mar 2014 12:22

Posted: 18 Mar 2014 03:37
Posted: 13 Mar 2014 05:09
i know i am a day early but i will not have time tomorrow so here are your weekly cuties. have a great weekend. Love Kelly

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