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Sadly I am not online as much as I want to be anymore. Hopefully that will all change soon. I love reading the stories here on lush and getting to know the people on here too.

***A warning - I do NOT do mic/phone/cam so please don't ask. If you get pushy with asking you will no longer be on my good side :) And my good side includes the occasional pic!

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23 Oct 2011
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Topic: Awkward family photos
Posted: 29 Dec 2011 15:29

Awesome site! Spent way too much time on there today, but it was worth it!

Topic: Birth Control Patches
Posted: 29 Dec 2011 10:10

I also am horrible at remembering to take pills. I do the shots, only have to worry about going in 4x a year for it.

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 09:38

I wear thigh highs a majority of the time at work. When going out most of the time my legs are bare.

For sex, it depends on my mood and my partners mood if i go bare or stockings.

Topic: Caught in the act...masturbating
Posted: 29 Dec 2011 09:28

Never thought of that before but that sounds like a pretty hot fantasy!

Topic: Skyrim, Battlefield, and Uncharted, oh my!
Posted: 26 Dec 2011 17:12

I'm going to go Uncharted 3 (I have a huge crush on Drake and I love the game/story), Skyrim (because I need a good game that sucks the days away from me) and probably won't get Battlefield 3, I am more of a MW/CoD girl.


Topic: Pregnancy/Pregnancy Risk Fantasies
Posted: 26 Dec 2011 09:24

I would never let a guy cum inside me if I wasn't protected in some way. If I knew him well enough and trusted him AND I was on the pill it is fine, otherwise he needs a condom. I am very lucky I never ended up with an STD from when I was younger and dumber and let my pussy lead me into some very risky situations.

I do enjoy dirty talk, I had an ex that would always yell out that he was going to get me pregnant just before he came. Once again, I knew him well and was on the pill.

I am a big fan of cum, but with so many STDs around both partners need to take care of themselves.

Topic: Wireless Remote Vibrators
Posted: 26 Dec 2011 09:11

Have you ever tried, or would you enjoy trying, a concealed wireless remote vibrator in public (club, bar, party) with your lover controlling the remote?

I would love to try it out! I don't think I would do it if I worked at a place so public like the girl in the video. But that may make it more fun to hide what is happening.

Topic: Kids Using Vodka Soaked Tampons To Get Drunk...
Posted: 26 Dec 2011 08:32

You have to wonder what the thought process for this was "I've got all this vodka but I have to go out, how can I still get drunk...." searches and finds tampons "Bingo!"

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
Posted: 25 Oct 2013 13:16
Happy birthday!
Posted: 26 Oct 2012 04:00
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
Posted: 11 Aug 2012 02:44
Where have you been? Hope to chat soon!

Posted: 11 Mar 2012 12:55
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Ariana, sorry, did I interrupt something? I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!!!
Posted: 27 Oct 2011 14:06
thanks Ariana
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