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Ok so i was born and raised in the south. I come from a family of 4. I grew up on a farm, had cows, chickens, pigs and cattle... I am hardcore country. I am what people call a redneck. If you dont like it then take it up with me. Ask me anything, Im very open and am very nice... I only bite on mondays... ANYONE can friend me, Gay, straight, lesbian, bi-curious, i dont really care but just know, Get creepy and get kicked! I will kick you and i will report you... Im open to talk about anything, doesnt matter what. Info thats not leaving my mouth, Adress, phone number, email or Facebook (dont have one)... Im 6'1 and moderatly toned, im smart, down to earth and very nice. Ill talk to just about anyone doesnt matter the age or sexual orientation its just that i wont talk about some stuff with certain ppl... I am STRAIGHT so dont even try... I dont do pictures of myself naked, mabey if i get to know u but itll never be a full body so dont even ask... I love chatting, PVTing?, online messaging and just messaging in general... yea thats about it lol

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29 Jan 2013
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29 Mar 2014
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In a Relationship with AllyCat
bunkie, Louisiana, United States
Dirtbiking, ATVing, Horse ridin, Wrestling, Football, baseball, hunting, fishing, weightlifting, and target shooting.
Favorite Books:
i love most books that arent romantic novels....
Favorite Authors:
I don't like authors I like books... Every author has strong points and weak points... However I soon will be an author also so ima say myself ( ik hard to believe with my spelling lol. FYI i spell like this on purpose )
Favorite Movies:
Shawshank redemption, the godfather, Pulp Fiction, the dark knight, Schindler's list, Forrest Gump, FMJ, jar-head, Saving Private Ryan,And virtually every war movie ever!!!
Favorite Music:
Country and alternative rock
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