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Misadventures with Beverly Ch. 03

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Eventually things got quiet in the room next door, and I was able to sneak out of the house, jog down the block and call a cab on my cell phone. But the danger of getting caught was still an aphrodisiac, and seeing how turned on Beverly got as we listened to her son and his girl fucking was irresistible. Over the next few weeks, I teased her about it, and when we'd get together, I'd end...Read On



Courting Danger

Horny daughter, oblivious mom.

NOTE: This is one of the first stories I ever wrote. I don't think it's very good, but a friend asked me to post it here. When I met Chrissy, she was a fairly innocent 19-year-old. I was 24, in my first job as a low-level political hack who thought he had the world by the balls. Hey, I was drinking free liquor three nights a week courtesy of lobbyists and flirting with pages all day, so I...Read On



The Engagement Party

Fighting forbidden feelings for the bride-to-be

As he watched her across the room, Patrick's gut churned. He tried to keep up with the conversation going on around him, hearing but not listening to the proffered congratulations, the inane small talk of the sorority girls, the good natured chat among his oldest, dearest friends and neighbors. But his eyes and his thoughts kept going back to Bridget. He took another long gulp of the amber...Read On


A Kiss

Married co-workers fight tempation

Lu works down the hall from me, and I'd started fantasizing about her about five minutes after she joined our agency a few months ago. The sleeveless blouses and tailored slacks she wore to work were just the start of her appeal. Her breasts looked full and heavy, and no other mother of three - including my wife - ever had a tighter looking ass. She had a tiny, barely noticeable scar at...Read On

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Misadventures with Beverly Ch. 2

An unexpected visitor almost blows our cover.

After my first night with Beverly, things got even hotter. Every time her husband was planning to be out of town, I'd get a phone call and hear, "Isn't it about time to fuck?" That night we'd meet in the same hotel parking lot, and I would finger-fuck her on the way back to her house. With Beverly working right across the street, we started getting a little more daring. One day I'm on...Read On


Misadventures with Beverly

It all began in a chatroom.

A few years back, separated from my first wife and before I met my current wife, I spent a lot of time on one of the popular online hookup sites. I spent most of my time in the Carolinas chat room, and one day I started up a chat with a woman who lived in my town. We continued to chat in private for a few nights, until one day we realized we worked right across the street from each other. ...Read On