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Incest Fantasies


The incest video interviews chapter 13A

Rita's dad finally gets to enjoy his daughter's company

I certainly had a lot of fun with my Aunt Lacy, and to no surprise, she wouldn't shut the hell up about her interview either. So, I had my mom constantly talking about the lesbian twins, and my Aunt Lacy talking about the mother/daughter couple. Meanwhile, Ted and I fucked each other left and right, in hopes I'd get pregnant. One thing I found out before the last interview was, that my dad had...Read On


I’m a dirty mom

My son always stayed with his dad, but one day he came to stay with me for a month.

I was sitting in the couch in my living room, It was an evening filled with sadness and guilt. After fucking me this whole past month; in all the positions and all the places in my house, my eighteen year old son, Scott, had just left to go back to his dad’s house. I was turning forty after two months, but my son still found me hot and beautiful. Once after making me cum hard by fucking my...Read On


My son is obsessed with my ass

After four months of fucking with my son I found out that he liked asses a lot, so I gave it to him.

I’m an average looking forty year-old woman, but my eighteen year-old son, Ronald, still finds me the most beautiful and hot woman in the world. I don’t know if he really thinks so or not, but that’s what he say when he fucks me in the bed. Yes, he fucks me hard, and I love it. I love his nice hard young cock in my mature pussy. He likes to suck on my boobs whenever he gets a chance. ...Read On


Did she know?

Did she know how hard i was and how hot she was....

It was one of those long hot summer days that turned cool when the sun went down. We lived on the beach that was right outside of the sliding glass doors beyond the back deck. I had been at the beach most of the day swimming. I had seen my older sister hanging out with some of her friends but I had kept to myself and had been pushing myself at swimming as hard as I could. I had come home...Read On


Daddy Washes My Hair Part 1

Daughter tells how her dad turned their hair washing ritual into her first sexual experience.

I am writing this story as a ‘mature’ woman remembering my past. The quotes, language and details I use are based on my best efforts to recall and describe my early family life. I grew up in an era when homes did not have central air-conditioning and only one bathroom. For as long as I can remember my daddy washed my hair every Saturday night. Hair washing became something of a ritual. It...Read On


Staying With Cousin Erin Chapter 5

It's time for the girls' punishment and auntie tries to leave an impression

When my aunt handed us two buckets - one empty and one filled with soapy water - together with a number of rags, I thought we might get off lightly. I picked the empty one and started to mop up the pee from the floor and wring out the rag into the bucket, trying not to think too much about dipping my hands into the pee now that I’d come down from my sexual high, while Natalie crawled after me...Read On


Ariel Tries to Quit the Family

Ariel feels conflicted about dating and fucking her brother. She tries to stay faithful.

“I need a boyfriend.” Ariel sat down between Jasmine and Bell at their lunch table, casting about the lunch room, her eyes resting hopefully on one boy momentarily before dismissing him and moving on to the next. “I thought you had Eric….” Cindy let her words drop when Ariel turned to lock eyes with her. The redhead’s expression remained serious and Cindy looked away first. “Okay, okay,”...Read On


Love Uncertain Chapter 1

Lucas falls for his stepmother

My mother died when I was eight years old. She was killed in a car accident. Once over the grief, it was just my dad, Mike, and I for the next six years. I was Dad's "Little Man." We did everything together. Even with his busy job as an executive for a software company, he managed to come to most of my ball games and school functions. Yeah, it was him and me against the world. When Dad...Read On


My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 6 – Incestuous Play With My Brother

I never thought I'd find myself sucking my brother's cock - or have him licking my pussy

I apologise for the delay since I last posted a chapter of this story. However, I have now written the final four episodes, so I’ll post them regularly over the next couple of months. Also, since most people have probably forgotten the events of the previous chapters, these are summarised below: On holiday in Devon with my parents and my brother Matt, we make friends with Abi and...Read On


Uncle Paul - Chapter 5

I looked Jason up and down when he first came into the house, and I am positive that his shorts were on properly before he went upstairs. Why would his shorts be inside out, I thought to myself. Maybe Jason spilled something on his shorts and hung them to dry; then when he put them back on they were inside out. I wanted to believe that is what happened, but what is probably closer to the truth...Read On


Addicted to my brother's big cock

My younger brother's girlfriend doesn't swallow his cum, but I do because I love his big cock.

“What are you doing in my room?” I asked as I opened the door of my room and found my seventeen year old brother, Ryan, searching for something in my room. “Nothing,” he replied standing still. He looked scared like I caught him doing something wrong. He starred at me for few seconds and then looked at my friend who was standing behind me. “How many times I have to tell you not to come...Read On


My First Time with my Mom

Vacation with my hot Mom goes further than I expected.

Written in collaboration with dunston5 I saw her long legs first, walking towards me over the hot sand. Beautiful legs, reaching up to heaven. This heaven was covered by a tiny white see-through piece of cloth attached to strings that reached behind her, holding the rest in place. I could clearly see her pussy lips and her protruding clit, inviting me in. I could feel my cock raising my body...Read On


Mary's Secret Lover

Daddy is my Secret Lover

My name is Mary, and I am seventeen. I am kind of shy around my peers and have not really ever had a boyfriend before. I just get real nervous and start to sweat a little around them. I love school and do really well in my studies. I have long brown hair and brown eyes, and I am five foot five inches tall. I am one hundred and ten pounds. I have long legs, and I am a 34B cup size. I am...Read On


Dirty Mom, perverted Son, and shy Maid

Perverted son made shy maid watch him masturbate, and then the dirty mom had threesome with them.

Kelly was a thirty-nine year-old busty and beautiful woman. This afternoon she was working in the kitchen, and Kelly’s eighteen-year-old son, Jeff, was studying in his room. Kelly had a twenty year-old maid, Susie, who was also in the house at the moment; she was cleaning the bookshelf in the living room. Kelly had big boobs, nice big ass, black hair, and she was a big whore. Susie was shy,...Read On


My Twin Daughters

My twins competed for my affection and got a lot more than that.

My twins, Charlene and Pauleen, have grown up to be wonderful, gorgeous young ladies, but they’ve had a difficult time. Their mother died bringing them into the world, so I’ve raised them alone. I married again only briefly a few years after they were born, but that ended when she had an affair. So I’ve chosen to stay single to raise my girls. They are currently twenty-five years old and...Read On