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Incest Fantasies


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 3

Mom and I masturbate together

"I know you're tired, especially after that great orgasm. I'm going to stay up. I have GOT to watch your video. I can't wait to see all you did after hearing it. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Sleep sweet, darling. I love you." "Good night, mom. I love you too." Tired as I was, I thought about staying on the phone so I could listen to her as she watched my video. I was sure she would...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 2

Mom and I have phone sex

With Mom's panties safely tucked away in my pocket, I drove home. This was all so weird, yet wonderfully arousing. Since I was tired from the jet lag, I began to think it was a dream. But it wasn't. The bulge in my pocket proved that. I pulled them out. Pale blue, I love that color panties on a woman. This time not just a woman, my own mother. She had actually given them to me ... to sniff....Read On


Sisters' Gift XVII

Part XVII End Part XVI: I returned her kiss, and flipped her on her back. Still kissing her, I guided myself into her silky depths. Slowly, I pushed with an even force into her. Once I bottomed out, I hugged her to me. I whispered into her ear. “Gabby, I love you. I always will and I always have. Just lay there and let me show you.” I thrust in and out of her, slowly, while caressing her...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 1

Mom learns about masturbation and orgasm

It was a warm July afternoon. Mom and I were lounging by the pool sipping unsweet tea. She was unusually quiet. Something seemed to be weighing on her mind. I knew better than to press it. After a while she spoke. "Rick, are you happy?" I thought for a moment. Even though I was 10 years divorced. My 2 girls were grown and moved away with families of their own. I had 3 grandchildren who I...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 3

The next chapter in my story, comments are greatly appreciated

If you didn't read the first parts you should, it will make more sense if you do. Aunt Lisa, our mom’s younger sister, was staring us directly in the eye as we lay naked on my bed. What a way to get busted. We were so busy trying not no get caught by our parents that we forgot our aunt always comes to visit us the week of our birthday (only one day out of the week though, and its never...Read On


Forbidden Sister Pleasure Part 2

Daddy Joins Emma and I

He stalked toward us, glaring daggers at us. He stopped in front of us. Emma had her arms wrapped around me and her head on my breasts. We were totally exposed right in front of our father. I started to cover up, but he ripped the blanket out of my hand. “Oh, now you want to be shy, you little sluts? Well I don’t fucking think so. You want to fuck a family member? Well you are gonna fuck...Read On


Sarah, Chapter 5-C

Day Three: Entering the plains and following the river, Sarah and Brenda seize a few opportunities to shun their clothes for some skinny dipping and plenty of sex… As we follow along the slow moving river amongst the buffalo, we come across a wide shallow place, often used by various stock to cross the water. After crossing, we take a break for lunch and more swimming in a deep pool...Read On


A Father's Comfort

My first attempt at writing incest, everything is completely fictional.

His rough hands were wrapped around his solid cock. The veins protruding from the underside of his shaft seemed never ending as his hands flew up and down. His head was leaned back and his mouth was left slightly open as he grunted. His noises of pleasure filled the air, I knew I should walk away but for some reason I couldn't. I stayed rooted to the spot, my eyes drawn to the precum bubbling...Read On


Sisters' Gift XVI

Part XVI End Part XV: “Yea, I’m fertile. With the amount of times you’ve cum inside me, I think I’m pregnant.” She started to cry. I held her, rubbing her stomach. I whispered, “I really hope so baby. I really do.” FOUR YEARS LATER “Doesn’t she look beautiful baby?” “Which one? They both look amazing.” Of course, she was right. Allison and Abby were getting married today. They...Read On


Forbidden Sister Pleasure

Summer of Lust with My Sister Emma

It was the hottest summer I could remember. My sister and I had been hanging out every day at the lake. We swam every day, and then took off our clothes and lay in the warm sun. We hung out every day. Sometimes we took our friends with us and sometimes we didn’t. My sister was very beautiful. She looked like me only a bit more voluptuous. She had beautiful legs and a heart shaped ass. She...Read On


Something about Mary (Kim and Mary, Pt. 5)

Mary asks Tom to be her first....real cock

Mary had a secret. A deep down, never even shared with her best friend, kind of secret. She was in love with her brother. Ever since she knew what it felt like to touch herself and make herself feel good. She would imagine Tom’s body over hers and her fingers would become his tongue. When he went away to college she thought the feelings would become less intense. The feelings surged anew when...Read On


Matty and Me

Ugh, stupid Matt, thought Mandy as she yawned. Once again she had been awoken by the sounds of her brother having sex. Matt was sneaky, some might say smart; their parents bedroom was at the opposite end of their long hallway and there was a spare bedroom on the floor below them. Problem was, the bedroom was situated right below Mandy's room, so night after night, she awoke to the sounds...Read On


Sister and Friends Chapter 3: Kelly

The summer was passing by so quickly, as summers often do. Jen and I continued to explore our new relationship, finding any and every excuse to be alone together. Whenever we could get a private moment we were on each other, kissing and touching, doing all those things that a brother and his sister should never do...but we did, and we loved it. More than once we almost got caught by our...Read On



An story of guilt and its consequences

Guilt. That's what you saddled me with, David. Guilt. It's your fault. It doesn't matter what you call it, regret, ruefulness, shame at doing things that cousins should never do, it all boils down to guilt, and I feel it deeply. It shakes my soul. You wonder why I feel guilty? Let me tell you. You probably have no idea how it all started, so I'll tell you. Remember that summer we...Read On


How I Became the Family Slut - Part 8

Ima Hoarre discovers yet another way to have sex

How was I gonna fuck 'Elda? That question had been bugging me ever since that electric night when I proclaimed my love for her and discovered she had a penis. It didn't matter to me all that much whether she had a penis or a pussy, I still wanted to fuck her, really fuck her -- I guess in her ass since she doesn't have a pussy. But even if she did have one, the problem still remained. And...Read On