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Incest Fantasies


The Satin Butterfly: Sirens in Amsterdam

Satin Butterfly V: Sirens in Amsterdam Prolog: Reading Satin Butterfly: Spiders and Moths and Satin Butterfly IV before reading this episode would provide a reference and a sense of continuity but I have tried to make this a standalone read. It was written especially for those ladies (you know who you are) who have sent me the many emails … thank you for the kind words and enjoy....Read On


Fashion Show

Mark's younger sister, Michelle, needs help preparing for vacation

“Hey! How does this look?” Mark finished pouring the orange juice into his glass and turned around to his sister’s voice. She was standing in the door way wearing a flowered sundress. She had one hand on her hip and the other arm in the air…striking a pose. “What? New dress?”   “Yeah. What do you think?” asked Michelle.   He looked up and down at the dress: A white...Read On


My Mother and I ... Poor Dad ...Part 2

“She can fuck up a good time, can’t she?”

  My Poor Dad… Part 2   Mother had told me the next day that she got up out of bed and watched me tease and touch dad and later that night we both heard him go to the bathroom down stairs and jerk off after I got up and went up stairs to my room. Mother and I worked out one more step in our plan to get dad to be not only a cuckold for his wife but his daughter also. ...Read On


My Mother Pt.6

Steve, Heather and more

My Mother Ch. 6.          Steve and Heather and more At last we come to the steamy session between Heather and her Dad, Steve. Gina and Mom decided that they would go round to Gina and Steve’s place.  When they asked if I wanted to join them, I had already spoken to Joanne and we were going to stay in my room and watch Heather and Steve on the computer screen. Heather proceeded to go...Read On


Mother and I .... My Poor Dad

    My Poor Dad     Mother and I … Poor Dad   A few weeks after I found mother with Clark and Jeremy, and we had our chat about her and dad we kind of dropped the subject of them swinging, will her swinging, dad watching. I got home from school and mother was getting in about the same time. She settled in with a glass of wine and...Read On


My Mother Pt.5

Today's the day!!!!!!!

My Mother Ch. 5.txt  Today’s the day!!!!!!!!!! At last, the day had come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the day that Mom would eventually get together with Gina and her husband, Steve. Mom thought that I had left for college this morning but I was hiding out in my bedroom until the action began.  I had already set up the webcam in Mom’s bedroom so that I could watch everything on my...Read On


A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie - Part 2

A sequel to A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie, ... and Casey makes three

This story continues on directly after my earlier story, A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie. For the first few months after that night in her bed, Stephanie and I went to bed together every chance we got. It was almost like a honeymoon, except we had to plan every liaison in advance, and keep anyone from finding out, which if anything, only added to the excitement. My parents thought it...Read On


My Mother Pt.4

Further adventures with Mother

My Mother Ch. 4              Further Adventures with Mother I came home from college one afternoon and found Mom and Gina talking in the sitting room.  You will remember that Gina is another of Mom’s employees who is married and they have 2 daughters.  Gina is also bi-sexual and she and Mom have enjoyed quite a few sessions. Before I showed my face, I overheard Mom and Gina discussing...Read On


My Mother Pt.3

An explanation from Mom

My Mother  Ch. 3               An explanation from Mom After the first day that I spent with My Mother and her friend Jane, things around the house only got better. I got to meet the other two bi-sexual friends of Mom’s.  Wendy about 39, who was a tall blonde lady who measured about 38C-26-36; and Gina, about 40 and was about 40–36-38.  Gina was married with 2 daughters who will join in...Read On


My Mother Pt.2

A continuation of Mom's adventures

My Mother Pt. 2  A continuation of Mom’s various adventures?? Firstly, let me give you a brief description of my Mom and her friend Jane. Mom was about 37, stood about 5’ 8”.   She had a good figure still at 36C bustline, 30in waist and about 38in hips.  Great shape altogether. Jane was about 34, stood about 5’ 4” with  34B boobs, 26in waist and 36in hips. Another great shape. After we...Read On


My Last Thought Was Jessie: The Ending

My brother, Jessie and I had spent the entire week at home and pretty much naked. We had sex several times every day. I couldn’t help but be worried about our parents coming home. I didn’t know what to expect, because I was sure that my Dad knew what was going on, considering he caught Jessie and I in the pool house in the bed together wrapped in each others arms naked. “You are thinking...Read On

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A Worthwhile Risk

Note: I wasn't planning to write an incest story, but due to many requests, I thought I'd give it a shot.  Feedback is welcome.        Every year Erin's parents go on a trip on their anniversary.  In earlier years they'd leave Erin and her brother with a babysitter, but since Erin's seventeenth birthday, the babysitter was no longer required.        The autumn air was rather...Read On


Laura’s Awakening: Chapter 6

A boring night can suddenly become very interesting

The day after I had sex with Jason my 18-year-old brother I discovered why he was in town. We were going to have dinner his girlfriend’s family. As much as I love Jason I have to question his choice in girlfriends. Since July he’s been seeing Allison Bryant, our ministers daughter. Reverend Bryant was anti everything I was into. Anti music, anti sexy clothes, anti sex, you could say he...Read On


My Christmas Wish

Sara's first Christmas without her whole family proves to be her best....

I had always had a very close knit family. I grew up in a warm home with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. My mom and dad were very happy together and never can I ever remember them fighting. We did everything as a family and we stood up for each other. I had never met another family like my own. We spend every holiday together. I was the second oldest of the children. My brother Justin...Read On


My Sister Jean-3 The Sex Club

My Sister Jean-2  The Sex Club After the great sex with my sister Jean and her friend Debbie I knew we have crossed a line and will never go back. My parents returned home but had no hint of what is now between Jean and me. I think they really wouldn’t mind, but we will not spring it on them. We will gradually show them signs and they will see for themselves. I really like the sex club...Read On