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Incest Fantasies


The Storm III, Tina goes lesbian

Tina Marshall lay back in her bubble bath, the warm soapy water tantalizing her.

     Tina Marshall lay back in her bubble bath, the warm, soapy water tantalizing her.  As she let her hands roam over her body, she dreamily reflected on the past few weeks.  It seemed so long ago when she accidentally saw her dad jacking off while holding and sucking the crotch of a pair of her panties.  That was the moment she knew she wanted to have sex with him.  She loved her dad,...Read On


My Sweet Innocent Niece

First I want to say that this story is completely fictional

This was our first encounter of the sexual nature. I was 25 and lived in the country with my parents and my niece was having trouble in the city so she moved out to the farm with us when she was 18. Mandy was a bigger girl and developed very quickly at a young age. By the time she was 15 she had D size breasts and a nice ass for a big girl. We had always been close and kind of always...Read On


Depravity Road

Follow-up to Sara’s Surprise and From the Sublime to the Surreal, both of which should be read first

Cat-like eyes of yellow fire bore into me, as I stared down at the pale, almost translucent figure on her knees before me. It was a deathly face that stared back; one that knew my darkest secrets and my living torment, one that enticed and repulsed in equal measure. Each time was the same, but the knowing only served to heighten my fear: her blood red lips would part to reveal an abyss, a...Read On


The Irresistable Offer

A mutual attraction between step-father and step daughter builds sexual tension.

Part I     My name is Mark, and I was divorced for 5 years and 43 years old when I first met Karen, the woman who was later to become my second wife. From that new relationship a temptation and obsession unlike any I have ever had presented itself to me.  That took the form of her daughter from her first marriage, Rebecca, who was fifteen years old when I first laid eyes on her.  Rebecca...Read On


A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie

Glen's weekend with his young aunt turns into something he's only dreamed about

“Glen, can you press ‘Play’ for me,” Casey said, and I leaned across from the couch, and pushed the button on the CD player. Immediately, the room was filled with the sound of a crappy rap song, as my sister began to rehearse her latest baton twirling routine, for the fiftieth time. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the fiftieth time, but it seemed like it. There are only a certain number of times...Read On


Family Affair 4

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

FAMILY AFFAIR IV Don Abdul © Damian heard the doorbell ring, and as he got dressed he heard the sound of laughter and light chatter. As he came out of his room and made for the kitchen/dinning area, he heard her familiar voice. Only then did he remember her name. Shelly, Aunt Phoebe's friend. The same stunning looker who sat right next to the lawyer type at the dinner the other...Read On


Family Affair 3

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

FAMILY AFFAIR III Don Abdul © It was Damian's first full day at college. The lectures had been long and tiresome, and he barely made it back to his room when he passed out on the bed still wearing his shoes. After sleeping like a log for a couple of hours, his consciousness was awakened by a strange yet familiar sensation, which seemed to have taken over his groin. He was feeling...Read On


Family Affair 2

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

FAMILY AFFAIR II Don Abdul © Damian had just received a letter informing him that he had been accepted at college. He was so excited, and in the mood for celebration, unfortunately that would have to wait. His mom is out of town on a business trip and Aunt Phoebe is out running errands. Therefore, he made a few phone calls, first to his mom, then to his friends. After sharing the...Read On


Family Affair

It's a hot incestous tale with a few wild twists....

Family Affair Don Abdul (c) For a 20-year-old, Damian looked a lot more mature. At 5'10'' tall, he had an athletic figure, which he kept in good shape by playing baseball and working out in the neighborhood gym. Although he acted just like any twenty-year-old in many regards, there was something different about him, he had fantasies about older women. His fantasies about the mature woman were...Read On


A Father's Obsession: Chapter Two

dreams can start coming true

Every night after Charlie Hall’s wife Jill went to bed, he took a shower and jerked-off to visions of their 16-year-old daughter Erin. Stroking it, imagining his pink haired daughter sucking his cock. Which was something his wife would no longer do for him. However masturbating was no longer enough, he wanted to fuck her and the thought of it was consuming him. He spent every moment trying...Read On


Kelly's First Time - 5

Leann, Kelly, and Steve had long since settled into their three-way relationship, with very few growing pains. Each had their own job, and all were contributing to the household. And boundaries? There really were none. The only rule was that, if one didn't feel like participating in sex, he or she could opt out for that time, and the other two were left to themselves. Needless to say,...Read On


Aunt Fiona

I Learn How To Fly!

Aunt Fiona was hardly my mother's favorite sibling. Mom was the oldest, and Fiona the youngest by a considerable margin. I first met my aunt when I was five and she was in high school and a star gymnast. I thought she was gorgeous, with her long red hair, pale skin, and deep blue eyes, I didn't tell Mom, but I wanted to look more like my aunt and less like my mother when I grew up. When...Read On


Nan, Mom and Me Pt.5

After a couple of weeks of continuous sexual engagement between the three of us, we got into a regular routine of who was going where and when. I would normally see Nan a couple of times a week, but still end up in Mom’s bed at the end of the night, if only to cuddle, as she had to work the next day. Saturday night was our real fun night. We would have dinner and the three of us would...Read On


Nan, Mom and Me Pt.4

After the wonderful night I had with Nan, I had to stop and re-think in what direction my life was taking me. She had been so great to be with but I still needed and wanted my Mom’s loving. The next night I followed my Mom to her room and sat of the side of the bed watching her disrobe and get ready for bed.  Not a word was said by either of us as she proceeded to slowly strip off...Read On


The Howling - Family

My punishment, as always, was to stand naked and totally still in the room while my mother and Uncle made breakfast and talked. I could feel my Uncle's eyes roaming my naked body like little biting gnats. It wasn't as if he made an effort to hide his gaze. I didn’t look at him, I didn’t need to. Even now, I knew that my Uncle's eyes were lingering on my breasts. My nipples tightened and...Read On