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Incest Fantasies


Pleasuring Granny - Part 5

The Diary of a Happy Man

Doreen. Brenda and I were returning from a supermarket shopping trip. The weather was foul, there was a high wind, and it was pouring with rain. Rounding a bend on the narrow country road we saw a car in the ditch with a woman standing in the road waving us down. She was soaking wet through, traumatised, but uninjured. We got her into our car and managed to calm her down enough for her...Read On



Teaching your son is sometimes sexy.

“Dad! I'm home!” Sixteen year old, Zacky Baker-Haner, shouted as hewalked into his house that resided in middle of New Orleans. “Hey Zacky, how was school?” His father Brian Haner, asked, smiling as Zacky threw his backpack into the corner, scoffing. “Ugh, horrible. I had sex ed today,” Zacky sighed, falling into his father's embrace. Zacky is an adopted child, originally born in Japan...Read On


Father Son Banquet: The Main Course

The Best Part of our night at the adult theater

While wiping off after boning that hot guy down the aisle, I began to feel my senses returning. I again saw guys go in and out from an exit door at the head of the theater. Nothing really registered until dad said to me, “That was just an appetizer. Let’s go have some real fun.” My father and I had just completed a scene with a guy down the aisle from us at an adult theater that has gone on...Read On


Jessica and her Daddy - Part 2

Jessica's Daddy takes her once again

Daddy's eyes travelled hungrily down my body, his eyes widening in palpable lust as he drank in the sight of me, leaning against the dining table in nothing but a flirtatious pink chemise that only just covered my behind with a whisper of silk and lace and plunged low at the neckline. Since our delicious fuck in the pool, I'd barely seen Daddy as he'd been working late at the office...Read On


I’m a Slutty Sister: I Love Both My Brothers

It’s a story of a dirty, naughty and beautiful relationship between me and my two brothers.

It was afternoon, and the bed in my small room was rocking as my real elder brother, Jeff, who was twenty-one years old, and my younger stepbrother, Lucas, who was twenty, were fucking me together. Jeff was under me, and he was sucking on my erect nipples while my younger brother was behind me fucking my ass. I was screaming, asking him to spank me, too. Dirty things had been going on...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 12

Mom and son's gf get closer

I returned home after taking Crissa to her house. My son met me in the kitchen. "So what's up?" he asked. "Am I in big trouble?" I shook my head. "No baby, you're not in trouble. However, please don't cum in the pool. Everyone swims in there ya know." "Well, ummmm...I wasn't really planning on it landing in the pool." "Oh?" I replied. "That's interesting, now why don't you go on up...Read On


Twin Sisters That Fuck Together

My sister and I are sluts.

Our story is about two sisters who are identical twins. Our names are Lucy and Linda. We’re eighteen years old. The only way you can tell us apart, is my sister Linda has a birthmark on her back. It’s just a small little mark, but that is the only way you can tell which twin you’re looking at. We have had so much fun messing with our friends. We have even shared boyfriends. We’re very...Read On


Reluctant Threesome

I watch my daughter being fucked by her flatmate, before making love to them both.

The events I am going to relate took place while Debbie was still a student at university. She was sharing a flat with another slightly older girl from America, Ohio I believe, called Lynda. On the night in question I had taken Debbie back to university after a weekend at home, and as it was late she suggested that I might like to stay the night and drive back home in the morning. When...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 11

Enter a new player to the arena

When I opened the back door. They both turned and then shrunk down inthe water. "What's going on?" I asked in a slightly stern, yet slightly amused voice. "Just swimming, Mom. It's really hot today," he replied with a slight crack in his voice. "Just swimming, huh?" I asked as I walked closer to the pool. They both slipped backward toward the deeper end. I noticed that Crissa had her...Read On


Alone With Dad

I spend a pleasant evening with Dad, and masturbate him.

I let Mum’s massager fall gently to the floor. Eyes rolling, mouth open, I am slightly breathless from a delicious long orgasm. The room is in total darkness because it’s only 3 am. I reach down and turn my electric blanket off, and drift off into a happy sensual sleep. I’m awakened by Mum the next morning in my room. It is 7:30 am already, and time to get up for sixth form college. I’m not...Read On


Loving my Granny

Staying with my granny for the week.

I have just recently finished my freshman year of college. I loved it so much and now need to go back home for the summer. I am a bit annoyed. My parents have just informed me, that I need to stay with my grandmother for the next week. My parents are going on a cruise though the Caribbean islands. They said, since I am not paying for college and I don’t have a job for the summer, I would...Read On


Unemployment Benefits

Peter helps his neighbours in their time of need

Mom stood to lift herself off my slowly deflating cock and pulled me off the chair she'd pushed me onto thirty minutes earlier. We headed for a long shower. It was a long shower because I spent more time soaping her breasts than was necessary for their cleanliness, but was nowhere near long enough for their loveliness. She gave my cock the same treatment, but it didn't respond so we stood and...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 10

it just keeps getting better

I slept. I slept right through my husband going to work. I would have slept through the kids going to school if Jenna hadn't come in to see how I was doing. I told her I was tired and that maybe I was coming down with something. That explained why Mom didn't get up and make breakfast. I sure couldn't tell her that I was sexually exhausted! I gave her some money for lunch, which I rarely do...Read On


Kissing Cousins I

This is going to eventually be a happy story, but it starts out sad. My name is Patricia, but I'm called Trish. I'm five feet two with eyes of light green. I have long dark brown hair. The contrast between my eyes and my hair is always commented on. I know I am not beautiful, but everyone tells me I'm pretty, so I guess I am. I filled out late. My breasts are about a handful, my boyfriend...Read On


A Son's Fantasy: How He Stretches the Truth to Make Love to His Mother

How a son would get his mom to have sex with him.

This is how it goes... I'm Morgan. I'm eighteen years old with dirty blonde hair. I'm kinda chubby, but at one hundred seventy five pounds, I still have a nice figure. My cock is average sized, and I wanna make love to my mom.  My mom is forty one years old. She has blonde hair and like many women her age, she wears glasses. She also has a nice round, squishy looking ass. I believe her...Read On