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Incest Fantasies


A Son's Fantasy: How He Stretches the Truth to Make Love to His Mother

How a son would get his mom to have sex with him.

This is how it goes... I'm Morgan. I'm eighteen years old with dirty blonde hair. I'm kinda chubby, but at one hundred seventy five pounds, I still have a nice figure. My cock is average sized, and I wanna make love to my mom.  My mom is forty one years old. She has blonde hair and like many women her age, she wears glasses. She also has a nice round, squishy looking ass. I believe her...Read On


Being Daddy’s new whore and wife

I helped my dad in forgetting his third wife who was a big whore and died two months earlier.

Standing in the balcony of his room Dad was looking at me. It would be very hard for any man not to stare at a nineteen-year-old girl when she was lying in a chair wearing her sexy blue bikini. He was my dad so it was a little weird to have him looking at me like that. After a minute, he went inside in his room and I kept lying there enjoying the warm sun for another few more minutes. I...Read On


Found - Chapter Nine

What Happens When You Can't Have The One Person You Want Most?

"No turning back," I whisper as the front of the bus comes into view. I wrap my arms around my waist cautiously as I approach, a frown forming on my lips as I see red and blue lights glisten on the side of the bus. "They didn't," I say in disbelief. Sure enough, two police cars are positioned behind the bus with three different officers surrounding the bus. "There she is!" I hear from...Read On


The Chad Plan

After I cut off my son from having sex with me, he brought his girlfriend home

By the next morning, I realized we couldn’t keep going on like this.Exactly how big a clue did I need that sex with my son wasn’t my best idea ever? While it was fun for me – and I suspected it was fun for everyone – I really didn’t want any more instances of my husband, Jason, fucking my sixteen-year-old son in the ass. My plan for my son, Chad, was simple. We would have sex just one...Read On


Little Sister's Final Punishment

I seduced my baby sister, fingered her pussy, came down her throat, and fucked her into submission..

"Son of a bitch!" I screamed for the hundredth time, my right foot pushing harder against the pedal of my '10 Mustang. I was pushing ninety miles-per-hour on city streets, a crime that would easily get me two years in jail, but I could care less. I whizzed through a red light, several horns blaring at me, and I had to fight the urge to turn around and ram my car into the fuckers full speed. ...Read On


High School Blows

High school is no fun, but this sister and brother help each other through the day.

Shiloh was a shy young man of sixteen years. His older sister was anything but shy. Everyone knew her. She went to all the parties but Shiloh hung in the background, in his sister’s shadow and he never went to any of the parties. Shiloh and Claire went to high school together and it was Claire’s senior year. One day, at school, in the long waiting time before classes started, Shiloh...Read On


Pleasuring Granny - Part 4

Brenda's Story: A tale of Lust, Love, and Longing

From the Diary of a very Happy and Fortunate man October 1997 Carol and Pauline. Two lovely temptation centres, whose mere arrival on the scene caused many teenage boys to go somewhere quite to stroke their erections and fantasise, had also begun to experience strong sexual feelings. They had the great fortune to love each enough to spend many evenings together, exploring each...Read On


Ariel in Hawaii: Family Gangbang

Ariel's vacation starts off with a bang, and she tells her boyfriend about it.

(This is a stand alone story, but previous Ariel stories fill in some of the background.) Ariel and T “You’re sure you’re ok with it?” Ariel asked. She was sprawled out on her bed, cellphone to her ear, talking to T, her boyfriend of several months. While they spoke, the redhead gazed out toward the pacific ocean, sheer curtains billowed in the cool dawn breeze, alternately hiding...Read On


WebCam Mom – Part 3

Steve's childhood friend joins his mother for a WebCam session.

It had been over a week since Steve discovered his mother’s secret. She had a WebCam business. She operated out of her bedroom and charged money for her sexual WebCam shows. Steve was lucky enough to be told this by his childhood friend Todd. Yet his luck continued even further. By clumsily knocking his own WebCam over, his mom discovered that he was her client. The two of them made...Read On


Fucked By My Cousin Brett

“Mmmm, who is that?” Samantha asked, jumping out of the car. “Who?” I asked, crawling out of the car, still half asleep from the ride. It was late June, almost two months since my sixteenth birthday, and like every summer my family and I were taking our trip up to Michigan to visit family and camp out for a weekend on a lake. This year though I was able to bring a friend, so my best friend...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 9

Meet the cum slut

I was on my knees in my kitchen sucking on my brother's cock. The kids were all outside at the pool and my husband was on a grocery store run. I love my brother. We've had a sexual relationship since he was a senior in high school. We get together whenever we can. We've worked it out well over the years. I like to relieve his sexual tensions and... I love cum. I admit it. I really do. So...Read On


The House at Greenwood Lake

This is the story about when my father and I had sexual relations. My dad and I had went upstate to our house in Greenwood Lake, New York. We have had it since I was a little girl. It is the best place on earth. It is a two bedroom house, with a living room, kitchen, and two bathrooms. In the living room we have a fireplace. It is always fun making fires and enjoying each other's company. ...Read On


The summer I got to know Mom Part 2

Jason and his mom take things further

June 20th Dear Journal, Every morning I come down now in my underwear to the kitchen, and every morning mom is totally naked out of the shower. Neither of us acknowledges anything is different, or weird or inappropriate about this. Then when we Mom gets home from work, she’ll gradually shed her clothing. By the time she slides her feet over my lap for her foot rub (best part of the...Read On


Daddy loves you part 3

Parker can't keep his mouth off her

Lexi's favorite food is mac-n-cheese, so that's what I am making. If steak was her favorite food, I would be at the grill right now. She is my princess, she really controls my whole life. I live for her. I'm stirring the mac-n-cheese when I hear her come down the stairs. I can smell her perfume, before I see her. God she smells amazing, it's intoxicating. I love it. She wraps her...Read On


Mom took her son’s virginity

Janet’s son came to live with her and she welcomed him with her legs wide opened.

After a tired day at work, Janet, thirty nine years old, came home a little late. Janet was a single mother. Her seventeen-year-old son, Alex, had lived with his grandmother since he was five years old. A few months earlier, Alex moved to his mother’s house and Janet welcomed him with her legs spread wide for her son. Janet was a really hot brunette woman. She was tall, had big boobs and...Read On