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Incest Fantasies


The summer I got to know Mom Part 1

When moves across the county to live with his mom, Jason has to get used to his new home...

June 4th Dear Journal, Well, I’m here, my first night at my Mom’s place. So far, things are good, though it’s a little weird being here. When I saw Mom at the Airport this afternoon it was the first time I’d seen her in nearly a year. She’d changed enough that I had to double check to be sure before I went over to her in the terminal. Her blonde hair was cut up to her neckline, she...Read On


Ariel, Her Boyfriend, his Mother, and her Girlfriend

Ariel finds the joy in a foursome with her boyfriend, his mother and her lover.

T was asleep again, making soft sounds somewhere between a snuffle and a snore with the uninhibited regularity of the unconscious. Honestly, it was a bit irritated to Ariel how he could doze off after sex and a bit of dreamy pillow talk. She had no idea how he managed it, his twin bed was as comfortable as a monks palette. Ariel liked how cozy it was sharing such a small space, but lying in...Read On


My son and I take care of each other

One afternoon I found out that my son had grown so much and after that we took care of each other.

I’m a thirty nine year old, average looking woman. I live in a small apartment with my eighteen year old son, Paul. He is a good looking guy, not very muscular and has short hair. Our life is not perfect but we are happy, and I always try to take care of my son, his studies and other expenses. Things were going good between us but I had no idea that one day we would cross some lines. It was...Read On


Keisha Makes Daddy Hers

James discovers his incestuous lust for his daughter while Keisha knows she wants her daddy.

My name is James and I live in New York. I have a beautiful wife named Lisa and an eighteen year old princess named Keisha for a daughter. My wife and I got married right before Keisha was born. We were not ready at eighteen, but we had to do what was right. Keisha grew to look just like her mother, but she stood at five-four and had cinnamon-brown skin with long, curly black hair. I do not...Read On


Wait, I Can No Longer: Date With Demons

Tim deals with his demons, both living and non-living, along side his little sister, Beth.

If Beth wasn't lying beside me, I'd be kicking down every door in the house. "You'll sign those fucking papers or I promise you, I will ruin your life!" I yelled into the phone causing my little sister to jump slightly. "Oh, you'll ruin my life? I-" I didn't let Clara finish her sentence, and slammed the phone into the receiver. Beth nuzzled her head into my neck and caressed my cheek with...Read On


Rachael's Secret Journal

A girl explores her sexuality

Dear Diary, I had sex with Ron Hauermeier last night! I saw him at Steve's party and he kinda cornered me and started talking to me. I asked him where Becky his girlfriend was, and he told me that she didn't come to the party. He started telling me that he and she have sex all the time, and that he makes her have like multiple orgasms and stuff. It kinda made me curious, so when he asked me...Read On


Daddy's Dirty Daughter Part 1

Daddy finds his little girl is so much more than he thought

As the owner of a trendy downtown bar, with a gorgeous wife and a beautiful daughter, I should have been so happy, but I knew deep down I was not. Due to the financial recession, the bar had struggled and I found myself working long hours to keep the regulars coming in. I’d even hired a few sexy female bar staff to tempt the mainly male clientele from taking their patronage to ‘Hooters’,...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 7

Mom goes too far

When my husband woke up and found me like that the next morning, he quickly stripped me of my panties and was fucking my pussy in no time! He slammed into me hard and I took it from him, moaning deep in my throat as he fucked me. When he warned me he was about to cum, I told him to cum on my breasts. After he pulled out and shot his load all over my tits, he collapsed onto the bed beside me....Read On


His Hers Secrets Ch1.5

when the kids are away the mothers will play

"Oh my GOD," I say as I close my bedroom door. "I can't believe I saw my son naked." I can still feel my face burning as I take a deep breath and sit down on my bed. I hear Sam in the shower and I think back to what he told me yesterday. "Mom...I'm a transsexual, and my birth name is Samantha." As he talks, tears fall down his face and I hold him in my arms as I begin to cry with him....Read On


Pleasuring Granny Pt3

The diary of a happy man

Date: January 2013. I had been seriously ill and therefore what was to have been my last chapter got delayed and then my world stopped spinning for a while. Date: 7th February 2013. Pat died, peacefully, during her after-lunch sleep. I lost a mother, a lover, and a friend, and my life ceased to be the wonderful experience it had become. I know it is inevitable that, as time goes by,...Read On


Commandments Part 3

Continuing story of Sir, Shay, Sam and Simone...

Simone stares at Him, still slightly in shock and says, “Umm, Okay.” “Excuse me?” Sir asks, then states, “I think you mean Okay Sir, or Yes Sir.” Simone swallows and replies, “Okay Sir.” Sir looks at her and orders, “Strip little girl, so I can have a look at you.” “But, but, but,” she stammers and turns red. He turns to me and states, “I think you need to give her a hand, pet.”  ...Read On


Motherly Love

Upon returning from my vacation I visit my mother to chat about my trip.

I had returned from my vacation in the Mexican Riviera. The weather had been great and the people we met and played with were spectacular. When I returned my mother, Victoria, called to see how my trip had been. I was a little busy with unpacking and trying to settle in from a long flight. I had to cut the call short and let her know I would stop by her house and tell her all about it. She...Read On


Wait, I Can No Longer

It's Tim's birthday and he just divorced his wife. His little sister, Beth, rectifies her crush.

-TIM- It's my birthday today. I should be blowing the candles on my cake. I should be kicking my feet up on the living room table and watching the game with my hand around my wife on the sofa. My little sister should be on the couch across from us reading a book. And while I'm at it, there should be a million dollars sitting in my bank account. But I don't have a cake, I no longer have a...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 6

Mom and son just keep getting closer

I masturbated in my bathroom while staring at my naked reflection in the mirror. I fingered myself while rubbing my son's cum all over my nipples. I had his cum on my fingers because he had just masturbated right in front of me. He jacked off into a pair of my panties and I took the panties afterward and smeared the sperm with my fingers. I had lied to my family and snuck home from...Read On


The incest video interviews chapter 14C

Rita come to the conclusion, that her powers could be much powerful

Mandy laid on the left side of me, and Jack got on the other side. Jack laid another kiss on my lips, and pulled me on top of him. As I was laying on top of him, with my back to his stomach, he stuck his cock into my asshole. It hurt a bit, but then Tommy stuck his cock into my pussy. My pussy was still sore from the dildo, but his cock wasn't as big as that though. I had Tommy looking right...Read On