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Incest Fantasies


Don't Use Mom's Panties 6

Mom and son just keep getting closer

I masturbated in my bathroom while staring at my naked reflection in the mirror. I fingered myself while rubbing my son's cum all over my nipples. I had his cum on my fingers because he had just masturbated right in front of me. He jacked off into a pair of my panties and I took the panties afterward and smeared the sperm with my fingers. I had lied to my family and snuck home from...Read On


The incest video interviews chapter 14C

Rita come to the conclusion, that her powers could be much powerful

Mandy laid on the left side of me, and Jack got on the other side. Jack laid another kiss on my lips, and pulled me on top of him. As I was laying on top of him, with my back to his stomach, he stuck his cock into my asshole. It hurt a bit, but then Tommy stuck his cock into my pussy. My pussy was still sore from the dildo, but his cock wasn't as big as that though. I had Tommy looking right...Read On


Brother Comes to Sister's Rescue

Younger sister is caught in a compromising situation and relies on her experienced brother for help.

Disclaimer: In accordance with the standards of Lush Stories, all characters in the following story should be considered as purely fictional. Shortly after I turned 16, I began having sexual fantasies involving my older brother. I would invent fairly elaborate scenarios that always resulted in some form of imagined sexual contact between the two of us. These shamefully illicit...Read On


Getting Grandpa Up

Grandfather's bad mood is reversed by his daughter-in-law and granddaughter

Holly and her parents were worried about her grandfather's change of mood. Ed came to live with them a year and a half ago, after the death of his wife. As expected, he was saddened over his loss. He had been making adjustments to this new phase in his life, and was generally upbeat. Ed had become crabby and depressed, affecting the whole family. No one knew what was going on. This...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 5

Mom and son get closer

The next morning didn't give me much time to think about anything other than quickly loading the van with my daughter, husband, and all of the various soccer equipment needed for the games we had scheduled. I was filling ice in a small cooler for drinks as my husband headed out the door. I heard him yell upstairs to Greg that we were leaving and Greg's muted reply back to him. I put the...Read On


My Seductive Mother

Part three of Getting Caught By Daddy and Arranging An Incest Fuck...

“Girls you need to get up,” Jenny’s dad said walking into her room. I sat up in Jenny’s double bed and looked at the dark figure moving across the room. The room was pitch black and I could just barely see the outline of her dad as he walked towards the curtains and pulled them back. Light flooded into the room and temporarily blinded me from the sudden change in environments. I rubbed my...Read On


I’m a dirty mom : stepson punished me

My stepson punished me because I suggested to his dad that he was too young to have his own car.

It was a hot afternoon and after finishing all the housework, I was watching T.V. in the living room. My husband, Robert, was at work and I was all alone in the house. Our only son, Edward, lived in a hostel since he was ten years old. The last time he came to meet us was at his eighteenth birthday, which was two months earlier. Robert was my second husband and Edward was my stepson. A year...Read On


Father Son Banquet: The Appetizer

Dad and me dine together at the adult theater

It all started when I caught him in the basement beating off to the men in a magazine and he invited me to suck his wonderful uncircumcised cock. It was the exactly the same size as mine. In fact, playing with dad was perhaps the closest thing I have come to sucking my own cock only with a perfect foreskin that I loved pushing and pulling. It was incredible. Once my mom became convinced...Read On


A Brother's Confession ~ Part 12

“When are you coming back home, Gorgeous? I wanna make love to my baby sis like we never made love before. I’m gonna show you that I love you as much as you love me…” I kept reading the message over and over again, as if the words would magically transform into other words- words that didn’t mean that the woman of my dreams was in love with her brother, or that the amazing night we just had...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 4

Mom takes over

My son was almost twenty and he was in his sophomore year at the local community college when I found my panties under his bed. I was shocked. I was just picking up clothes for the laundry when I found a pair of my panties underneath my son's bed. I sat down on the bed, holding the panties in my hand. My mind flashed back to long ago. I was doing the same thing when I found my...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 3

brother and sister continue

My brother's cock slid inside of me. Mark had just slid his hot cock deep inside of my pussy. I needed him inside of me. He needed to be inside of me. I could have told him not to do it. I could have got dressed and walked away. Instead, I spread my legs wide and beckoned him forward. I had reached down between our bodies and guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. Then I even...Read On


The incest video interviews chapter 14B

Rita really works her magic on this family

As I was completely naked, Jack, and Tommy definitely had more appreciation, than Mandy. "Nice," Tommy and Jack said. Then both men got up and came over to me. "May we?" Jack pondered, eyeballing what Ted loved to motor boat. "You may," I replied. Then both guys had a tit to caress. I made sure the camera saw them, and then Mandy came over to me as well. She got behind me and wrapped...Read On


Don't Use Mom's Panties 2

Sister keeps her brother out of trouble

The next few days were a blur of holiday activity. Dad was able to call home on Christmas Eve so that made Mom both happy and sad since she missed him. Mark hadn't come to me for his sexual needs for three days. I chalked it up to just being busy with the holidays. The day after Christmas, Mom went shopping to return some gifts and we were alone in the house. I puttered around, cleaning up...Read On


A Night To Remember - Part 2

Removing my hand from under her boobs, I let it lie down against her other one. I would be back to explore them later, but now other parts of her body were beginning to capture my attention. A certain part of my body was also starting to demand attention. I slid my hand down over her slim waistline, marveling at how smooth her skin was. It felt as soft as silk. Continuing down over her hip,...Read On


Satisfying my step-son

First my husband fucked me and then my step-son fucked me in my both holes. I satisfied him.

“Eric, please stop,” I said when I was doing laundry in the house and my son, Eric, was trying to grab my 34D size boobs. “You are not afraid at all, right? Can’t you see that your dad is in the house,” I reminded him. Eric was eighteen years-old. He had short hair, fit body and nice average size cock. I saw his cock three months ago when he was masturbating in my bedroom with my dirty...Read On