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Oh Daddy Ch 4; Cindy Falls In Love.

It was something only the two of them could understand.

As daddy sat there in his favorite chair, he couldn’t stop thinking about things. Ever since that night we’ve gone from father and daughter, to being lovers. He realized that I was more than just his daughter, I was now his sex partner; it was something only the two of them could understand. However, what he wanted the most was for Cindy to have a happy life, love, and more. His body ached...Read On


my sister Gill - Part 5

The weekend continues with a few suprises to come

PART 5 It had been a hectic four weeks back in 1980. Four weeks ago I was a sixteen year old boy developing an unnatural interest in my 23 year old sister called Gill. I was a virgin and had spent quite a few evenings wanking myself off thinking about my sister. I had never had a girlfriend and certainly never had any kind of sexual relationship with anyone. I considered myself to be...Read On


Soul Sister

Sparks fly between siblings when a young black man invites his sister to New York.

After I graduated from college I moved to New York (New York City really) from Florida. I hated Florida. Back home I got no respect. I was what you called a black nerd. I was totally into computers and my studies. I was also very shy when it came to women, I just didn't have any courage. In high school the other black kids made fun of me. I guess it was because I was 6'3" and couldn't...Read On


A Mother's Love 2: Making Use of the Bed

The next morning, Jason awoke in confusion. He remembered everything that had happened the previous night, yet he found himself in his bed, wearing his boxers and a black wife beater tank top. As he thought of the sex he had with his mother, it had all felt so surreal; he was unsure if it had actually happened, or if he had simply dreamt it. Trying not to think of it too much, he climbed out...Read On


Stacy's Story 3 - Part 1

Stacy and her brother develop the relationship further with a wild night out

Stacy’s Story 3 - Part 1 [ The last story ended when my brother left the room after our passionate love making session ended, the love we felt for each other was flourishing. I recommend reading the previous chapters before you read this one so it makes more sense to you!] My name is Stacy, and this is my story At around 7am in the morning my eyes opened, after a couple of seconds I got...Read On


Not According to Plan

A change in living arrangement brings some changes to cousins' lives.

Aunt Barbara called me one evening. We've been pretty close all my life. She's the one who helped me keep it together when my parents were killed in a hold-up at their little jewelry store. I sure as hell needed my aunt and uncle then. I was an only child, a freshman in college, commuting from home. They did as much as they could to help me through the mess and horror of all that. Even...Read On


Twins Have a Bond

Carry and Jerry are twins and when she feels something so does he and visa versa.

I looked into her eyes and knew just what she was thinking, even what she felt, as we walked along the beach. It had been a long winter and we were glad that Mom had decided to bring us to the beach to get away from the city for a few weeks. Dad dying had taken a toll on all of us, but I think it upset Carry even more than she let on. I always knew when she was bothered by things, I always...Read On


Sexual healing from one cousin to another

My cousin and I have always been close, but how close would we be willing to get?

I slammed the door of my car, shoved the keys in the ignition, turned the key to on and flew away from the curb. I had just had the shock of my life and I was angry. After 15 years of, what I thought was, a wonderful marriage, I came home early after work to surprise my husband. Little did I know he had a surprise for me. I found him in OUR bed with our nanny and some slut from the office. I...Read On


Fun on Cape Ann

Fun in my girlfriend's rented beach cottage with her brothers and sisters.

Chapter 1 I had been going out with Bonnie Robinson for almost a year. She's seventeen, like me, and the youngest daughter of very devout Catholic parents of two older sisters, Debbie, eighteen, and Kati, twenty, and a brother, Kenny, who was nineteen. We were both in the high school band, she played clarinet and I played trumpet. On our first date, I had suggested that we kiss each...Read On


Escapades With Daddy, Ch4 Picnic In The Woods

“Is there any reason we cannot take bro on a picnic before going home? I am sure he will love it.”

She fell asleep in Daddy’s arms. She not only dreamt of what her and daddy could do next, but having a baby as well. What a weird combination. Was her body telling her something she did not know, or was her most wanted desire invading the dream? The next morning she awoke with Daddy between her legs eating her pussy. She rubbed her eyes, quivered and yelped. “Ooh Daddy what a delicious way...Read On


Surrogate for My Stepmother

Dad wants to remarry but fiance'e objects since he will be overseas most of the time

My name is Kimberly. I tell our family’s story not out of a sense of depravity but instead as an opportunity to share our family’s unique solution in accepting the realities of a challenging situation which required living with unconventional sexual relationships. Some other families may find themselves in the same predicament someday. To be candid and upfront, I have to say that my...Read On


Nan, Mom and Me Pt.6

The following years …

Please bear with the start of this chapter as it describes events over the intervening years………….. After a couple of years, Mom and I decided to have another baby before she was too old.  We had a boy this time and named him Joseph Daniel; he was nicknamed JD by the kids at school. When Mom brought him home, our lives continued on the same track.  Whenever Mom would feed JD I was...Read On


Sisters' Gift XIII

Part XIII End of Part XII: I awoke to another blowjob the next morning, and fortunately for me, this one was completed. “Baby, we were going to let you cum eventually. We just wanted to see how long you would last, and what you would do. If you didn’t jump Jenn last night, I surely would have jumped you in like five minutes.” Gabby kissed my softening dick after finishing her blow...Read On


New Home 4

End of Part 3 I polished off the last of my dinner, then turned to them. “Speaking of which I’m dying to know how you two got together.” Kassie looked at Karen, returning her gaze. “Looks like my big brother wants a story and a reenactment. Feeling up for it?” “I’m up for anything as long as I can get my hands on your body. So how about it Matt? Ready for story time?” Like the...Read On


Sisterly Love Part 4

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll Ahhhhhh, The 60,s

Sisterly Love Part 4    Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll By: Jessie   I woke up to a commotion as I felt around for Kim and she wasn’t there and I turned my head to the left and heard Judy and Danny going at it.   It was still dark but we had left the lights on and I could see Danny banging Judy from behind.   “Geez Sis ,” I laughed, “ Where’s Kim ?”   “She said she was going down by...Read On