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giving brother what he needed the next time

a few days after giving my brother a blowjob for the first time we took it further

It had been a few days since l had given my brother the blow job he had needed and nothing had been said between us, l even wondered if he could actually remember as he was drunk at the time. It was now the weekend, Friday night and everyone had gone out except me. Dad had gone away for the weekend and my brothers and sister were out on the town, l didn’t feel like going out, just to...Read On


Sister, Brother and Lust

I have a sister 2 years older than me, and there’s always been occasional sexual tension between us. It came and went over the years and didn’t amount to anything significant, and dissipated as we entered our late teens and I became interested in girls and she got a boyfriend or two. However, it never truly went away completely and was lurking dormant in the background, until one night that...Read On


Seduced By My Daughter.

Gawd, the way she walks around with her tit's out, some one is going to loose control.

Hi, my name is Robert Morgan and have I got a story to tell you. This whole thing seems so surreal that I still don't believe it happened myself. It all started several years ago when my wife Janet suddenly passed away. This was an incredibly sad and difficult time for me and my only child Cecilia. Cecilia was only 12 at the time and at a very confusing and emotional age. Not only was...Read On


How I Became the Family Slut - Part 2

A young girl becomes her brothers' sex toy, and learns that two cocks are better than one.

So, there I was, only sixteen and having sex with my brother. It wasn't long before I was sneaking into Tommy's room every night. We would cuddle in the dark under the sheets, then he would tongue kiss me, and work his fingers into my pussy until I was hot. After I came, I would go down on him and get my mouthful of salty thick cum. On one particular night, I heard his shower running....Read On


Waiting for my Son - Discovered

The secret is discovered by someone

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and both of my kids were coming home today. My 25 yr old son and 19 yr old daughter had not been home from college in a couple of months and I missed them both. I especially missed my son's big cock and as I stood in the kitchen preparing food for tomorrow, that was all I could think about. Even though we had been having sex for the last 7 yrs every...Read On


I Help My Aunt Move to Her New House

I fuck my aunt in her barren room the day before she has to move to her new house.

I arrived at my aunt’s Friday evening. I had been sent here by my mother to help my aunt move into her new house. My aunt is the mother of three girls and she is no longer married. So I wasn’t surprised when she asked my mother if she could borrow me for the weekend. I being 18 and pretty strong was perfect for the task. She wanted me to help her move some of her heavier items. I was...Read On


How I Became the Family Slut - Part 6

Ima discovers she is going to be a porn star, and a new way to fuck

How I Became the Family Slut - Part 6 I came to after being pussy-fucked by my daddy and face-fucked by Carmella's father. And he was a black man with a really big dick! I saw my daddy was bending over Carmella, fondling her big titties and sucking on her nipples. She was moaning and thrashing about while stroking my daddy's cock. He musta had three fingers in her black pussy hole. I was...Read On


My Amazing Family Part 1

I learn more about my horny family

My name is Jay. Before telling you about my story, I should probably tell you a little about myself. I'm 16, have light brown hair, bright blue eyes, about 6', and somewhat muscular. I play basketball on my senior high school team, and must admit, I am pretty good. Unfortunately for me, however, I have never got a relationship to work and therefore I am still a virgin. I just seem to have...Read On


Daughter Reveals Her Secret

Daughter and friend come clean with dad.

  There was a gentle breeze blowing across the green meadow as Steve set up his motor home.   Each year he and his daughter, Kristi, go camping.   Kristi graduated high school in June and is taking this summer to blow off steam before she goes to college in the fall.   Steve has noticed that as Kristi got older, the camping trips seemed to become more boring for her, so he...Read On


My Lover, My Son

a week away turns mother and son into lovers

Since his divorce, my son has been so busy at work that he hasn't had a lot of time to go out and meet anyone, so he spends a lot of time with me. I absolutely adore him, he is everything I could hope to have in a man, except that he is my son. We had been talking about taking some time just to get away somewhere, some place quiet so he could get away from his job and just relax. We rented...Read On



the day my mom seduced me

 I don't know where to begin but i will say me and my mom have always had a very special relationship. Her and my dad split up when i was about 12 and its been just me and mom since then. She kept a roof over our heads by cleaning their until she got a really good job, by that time i was out of school and working too. Mom had a boyfriend but he seldom came around and i had a few girlfriends...Read On

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The Family

The Family

The Family by Woffen © My name is Ann. I am the mother of two children, Aaron who is 19, 6' tall and is 180 pounds. I’m also the mother to a wonderful daughter Leslie who is 18, 5'3", 115lbs and has a beautiful 34D – 22 – 34 shape. I’m the wife of Brad who is 6'1" tall and 195 pounds. Both my children are beautiful but then what kind of mother would...Read On


My Fit Mum (Part 2)

Mum and Son go all the way.

Ok, it has been over a month now since the incident with my mum.   Incident! What the fuck am I talking about, It was the best fucking sexual experience of my life so far! Things had returned to pretty much normal at home.   The sexual encounter between me and my mum was never brought up, I assumed that It was a “one off” owing to a combination of mum having a little too much to drink...Read On


Cumming With Mom And Dad

After I graduated from college, I took off for a year to see the world. I developed a certain amount of scorn for the small-town morals of my home as I explored everything from the elegant obscenity of Thailand's brothels to the wide-open, anything-goes atmosphere of Holland's sex clubs. Never in all that time did I guess that I would encounter the ultimate and universally most forbidden...Read On


Wth Step Mom

How i fucked my step mom

About two years ago I moved in with my father and step-mother. From the first day I moved into the house I had wanted to fuck my step mother. She is not a supermodel she doesn"t have huge tits or a big round ass she is a very plain women. But there was something about her I knew I wanted. She was a very old fashioned kind of person especially for only being 36. You would think she is 60....Read On