What I Needed: Almost

Part 2 of the What I Needed series.

End of Part 1: I brought my head back up and looked into his green eyes with my, now teary, hazel ones. “Why did you stay, Alex?” I asked, letting some annoyance seep into my tone. “Well…” He began, leaning closer. Then he gripped my hand tighter and pulled me into the pool from where I was sitting. I pushed my way back to air and ripped his hand away from mine, “What the hell?”...Read On


What I Needed

It was 104 degrees outside. 104 damn degrees. Having livedin Washington for most of my life, I was not used to the smoldering heat of California, and, naturally, I’d pick the hottest week of the summer to visit my family. I sat by our pool, with my feet in the water, my toes sparkling with the silver nail polish I painted on them that morning. I could no longer tell the difference between...Read On



Luck - Pt. 2

Aliya's luck continues to get better...

The rest of the flight with Marissa was somewhat calm. We didn’t want to risk anything else as the five hour ride dwindled down to two hours then to 30 minutes. Every now and then when the flight attendant was in her cabin or back in coach, we’d steal a few sweet kisses with each other. Just enough to keep me slightly aroused and wanting more of her. As we walked to baggage claim I asked,...Read On



A young woman's luck is on a downfall until a beautiful stranger changes that...

“Shit.” I shot out under my breath, “Shit, shit, fuck, ass, bitch. Ugh!” I spit out as many cuss words as I could. People passing me on the street looked at me like I was mad. I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered right then was to find my wallet which had appeared to have evaporated from my purse. I could feel the scarf around my neck unwinding as my movements became more frantic. I...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Storm

I’m shy. Sometimes, I wish people would just accept that and get over it. What does it matter if I don’t want to do every activity or every person out there? I don’t have an answer to that and neither did the high-strung people I sometimes enjoy calling my friends. Their countless attempts at throwing a man in my face and hoping he’ll stick--no pun intended--have turned into a...Read On