Sam Ford Detective Agency

Not a story to get you off, more light-hearted with a smattering of smut

You may say I'm crazy, you may call me mad. You wouldn't be the first, and you sure as hell won’t be the last. The numbers in that line run long and deep. Just like her. Mrs Delaney. She was tall and lithe and the day she walked into my office I knew she was trouble. I could smell it in her heavy aroma and read it in her walk. She wasn't a conventional beauty. But I won’t hold that against...Read On

Love Poems(1)



I need you, want you, crave you Your body, your soul, your control To devour, taste and subjugate you To worship, defile and debase you Ride me, fuck me, and own me Use me, tease me and exploit me Consume my worthlessness Destroy my desolation Annihilate me and raze my humanity Leave me void and empty Your cock flaccid and forlorn ...Read On



Rainy Day

A rainy day leads to unexpected pleasures.

As I stepped onto the street I felt a sense of freedom burst excitedly within me. I had rashly cancelled my afternoon appointments and decided to skip work for the rest of the day. I hadn’t played hookie since high school so the thrill of pulling a disappearing act for the day was exhilarating. It had been a wet and miserable day, and all morning the dark stormy clouds kept luring me away from...Read On



The Naughty Miss Henry

Student gets taught a lesson

I sat nervously outside the door dreading what was coming ahead. I reread the note in my hand, looking for a clue as to what it could be about; although in reality I already knew. I mean it was really obvious, and if it was what I was thinking, I was in for a very embarrassing conversation. A voice roused me from my thoughts. I glanced up and saw Miss Adams looking at me expectantly. ...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Bankrobber

A crime bounds two strangers together in lust and intrigue.

“Get down on the floor!” The gun was pointing in my face. My body was paralysed with fear. I couldn’t move, or think. Time was suspended. All I could see was the barrel of the gun and all I could feel was the pummelling beat of my heart as it thundered in my chest. “Move bitch!” His eyes pierced me through the thin slits of his balaclava. The pupils tiny pin pricks. “Now!” he...Read On



My Long Ride Home

Strangers make their train ride home memorable

I stepped onto the train. feeling tired and flustered. It had been a shit day. Robinson had been a complete bastard, insisting that I stay late and work on his brief. Now I had to endure a long train ride home, as the city sweltered in the midst of an unbearable heat wave. I juggled my bags as the train started and lost my balance, falling into the seat behind me in an ungraceful slump. I...Read On