Those Uni Days

Two Blonde girls, One Greek God...

Hey! New little story for you. I apologise if I offend anyone with my writing as I am not a guy, or a bisexual for that matter, so I have little experience, and I apologise if I come across as stereotypical. But apart from that, ENJOY! I have long known that I am a bisexual. It doesn't bother me, and with my Dad being gay, he is completely for it, so I had nothing to worry about. The...Read On



Those Uni Days - Going Home to My Dad Part 2

I collected my thoughts and hopped out of the shower, cursing at the cold that my bedroom air brought to my loose towel. Quickly I got ready for bed, apart from brushing my teeth, and went downstairs. Luckily, due to my powerful orgasm earlier I didn't have a boner, which was good as Dad was sitting comfortably on the sofa looking like he was ready to have a catch up. I looked at his attire....Read On


Those Uni Days- Going Home To My Dad Part 1

I didn't really know what was going on with me and Nate. He was cool. Smoking hot, but cool. We kind of just fucked when we didn't pull- which was fine with me. I got over my crush on him, soon enough and we were able to have a solid friendship- I didn't even think he notices half the time that I'm his male friend, not some slut that he'd picked up. I think the first time I had come back with...Read On


Home Alone with Daddy Part 1

I had always been the curvy one. The guys always had a soft spot for me. I played around, learning all different skills and having so much fun. I was never the one to hold back. 32DD and a large round bum, curvy hips that gave all guys something to hold on to. My Mum worked as a Property Manager, so she was always on the move, taking business trips. Though my Daddy was faithful, it...Read On


Home Alone with Daddy Part 2

Daddy, Daughter, Quality Time

It was the day of Mum's departure. I had never been so happy to see her go, and come to think of it, neither had Dad. Normally, he goes into a huff with her the day before, saying he doesn't like it when she leaves. But this time, he had not said a word. I knew my plan was working. For the past few days, I had been wearing a lot less. More often than not, I wore a pair of pyjama shorts...Read On


Home Alone with Daddy Part 3

Dad was the one to pull away. He didnt pull away his body, though, which meant his dick was still rubbing against my clit. It was still hard, too. "We can't do this, Sweetheart." I frowned, "He doesnt seem to think so," I looked down under the sheets. Dad blushed. "It's not fair on your mother and it's not right. I'm your Dad!" I shrugged, "Even more reason to do it. And, Mum wont find...Read On


Home Alone with Daddy Part 4

Dad and daughter share a week of passion

Monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday all went in a rush of passion and sex. Everyday after college, I'd go to the local lingerie shop and buy something sexy for Daddy. Today, friday, was a deep red and black lace thong and bra set with attatchable stockings. Getting home, I waited for Dad, resisting the urge to strum myself, filled with the need for him. He'd get back at half seven, in...Read On