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06 Nov 2012 09:02

Ok thing's have gotten worse, And I didn't think that was possible, Pretty close to snapping now.....

04 Nov 2012 03:37

Ok things are looking up a little, and I'm fed up of being sad all the time, So here goes I'm going to try and smile for the day. Sigh ~ Pulls a smile~

30 Oct 2012 16:16

Despite thing's gradually getting worse over the past few weeks I've managed to keep my chin up and my smile, But they just got worse and I've got no work, So now I have no money, Smiles long gone I'm always in a bad mood so apologize if I snap at you...

29 Oct 2012 15:42

I hope all my lush friends in the path of Sandy are ok

28 Oct 2012 12:46

Awhhhh None of my friends are online and my Girlfriend is away So lonely....

28 Oct 2012 02:06

She's total Wam Bam!

25 Oct 2012 01:09

Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance?

24 Oct 2012 14:16

Damn and blast!!! Just submitted my story by accident but I hadn't put it right yet and it's got lots of errors in it that I was correcting, full of holes where I've deleted it and not re typed it! It's too late to stop it it's gone too a mod. Bugger!!!!

24 Oct 2012 08:37


24 Oct 2012 01:49

Damn it!!!

18 Oct 2012 15:23

And I have had a massive clear out of all my freinds down to 11, so if your reading this I your the lucky few Who I cherish

17 Oct 2012 15:06

16 Oct 2012 05:46

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