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28 Mar 2013 14:58

27 Mar 2013 10:14

People I haven't spoken too in a while black box me I would like to catch up

20 Mar 2013 14:10

Hey Everyone! I'm sorry I've been gone for so long, I have a rough period and the control on my internet taken over.... But! Things are looking up! I have a well payed job with RJM Forestry and will be taking the 2nd attempt at my driving test on the 18th of April It's great to be back with my friends

10 Mar 2013 13:25

I love you, Baby...... Happy Anniversary

28 Feb 2013 04:44

Hey everyone!

I'd just like to speak about something for a short moment. Soooo can everyone who reads this read some of my newer stories please? and yes this is a pathetic attempt to get votes and comments rather than just writing something people would like to read But I would like some feedback so I can get my mind on writing more.

And I would like to extend the biggest well done to my Mistress Poppet, she has achieved her goal of not ordering take out for yet a second month! Well done baby I'm proud of you xxxx

Many thanks for reading

26 Feb 2013 12:54

Okay after my Internet spontaneously shut of last night at 22:22pm, and has only just come back on. I found out that my useless sisters cat stood on the power switch up stairs shutting my server down..... Fecking stuff that happens.....

21 Feb 2013 03:22

20 Feb 2013 06:07

19 Feb 2013 10:52

17 Feb 2013 04:11

15 Feb 2013 02:49

13 Feb 2013 07:57

11 Feb 2013 09:31

08 Feb 2013 07:40

I passed my Driving Theory Test!

05 Feb 2013 15:03