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01 Feb 2013 16:35

29 Jan 2013 13:28

28 Jan 2013 15:34

28 Jan 2013 14:46

Okay my story has failed technically 6 times...... And I've all but given up with it...

28 Jan 2013 09:44

Okay lets see if my story passes this time around.... Fingers crossed.

26 Jan 2013 17:01

No matter how much I edit, No matter how much work I put into it, my story has been rejected for a 5th time for the same damn reason, nothing I do fixes it... I'm starting to think publishing a story on Lush with all these new crack downs is just going to make publishing a story on Lush an unpleasant experience in general.... I fail to see the point anymore if it's going to be this difficult...

24 Jan 2013 03:44

"Who has the best Girlfriend ever?


That's right....... This Dude!

♥ I love you Baby"

20 Jan 2013 07:54

19 Jan 2013 05:45

16 Jan 2013 18:13

I am a bad boy and need to be forgiven by my Mistress.

16 Jan 2013 17:20

16 Jan 2013 05:14

Okay, I stuck to my plan, I've had no sleep and left early this morning, went for an 18 mile ride which I thought wasn't bad considering it's only just gone 1:12pm, I would have gone further but a path I needed to use was closed.... Meh 18 miles is acceptable. Plan now, 1. Eat pot noodle, 2. Shower, 3. Sleep.

15 Jan 2013 12:18

15 Jan 2013 04:51

So damn sick of this shit, when the hell are things going to start to look up, and the only good thing I have in my life at the moment isn't even online

14 Jan 2013 04:26