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08 Dec 2012 10:28

Sigh When you try your best to help but it doesn't seem to do anything... And I'm cold, tired and have now got a splitting head ache... I'm going for a sleep....

07 Dec 2012 16:18

07 Dec 2012 16:06

07 Dec 2012 06:48

07 Dec 2012 06:45

06 Dec 2012 02:28

Okay this is me in deep mysterious mode, I am Planing a story with so many twists and turns it would put your plumbing to shame, It's going to take time to write it, And it going to be hard to write, I'll give you 1 hint to the story line though, Casino..... Toss that around in your head for a few days, I'm looking forward to writing this, I just need to plan it some more and get writing.

05 Dec 2012 09:15

Okay Looks like I got some work, So nice to to feel nervous all the time for once...

05 Dec 2012 04:01

Wow that came over me like a snow drift.... I got to go do some stuff now...

04 Dec 2012 07:28

Okay my garage door won't close at all now so I have parked my car half in it to stop anyone stealing anything larger and a spanner....

03 Dec 2012 08:12

"If I could save time in a bottle, First thing I'd like to do, Is to save everyday till eternity passes away just to spent them with you..."

02 Dec 2012 12:23

I have a new story out! http://www.lushstories.com/stories/love-poems/with-in-love-we-trust-with-in-love-we.aspx Please Please Please read!

02 Dec 2012 01:50


01 Dec 2012 11:48

Why is it when I try to keep in good spirits and look on the bright side of something, Everything will do all it can to stop me trying... I just need to go on my favorite walk and stop and have a nice cry for a few minutes I think it will actually help, I'm really good at bottling up my sadness and I know it's not good for me..

01 Dec 2012 02:58

Lets go do some!!!!!!!!......................................Christmas shopping.......... ~Face palm~

29 Nov 2012 11:54

Damn it Thanks to myself and being tired and grumpy due to not having much sleep lately plus working all week I've now upset my friends...