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Hey, I'm a real easy going guy and i like exploring new things. I'm a real party guy and love enjoying the nightlife.

When it comes to being with a girl, I love having nights of pure lust and passion, with someone who is really free and comfortable with her sexuality, body and personality. I think that jealousy is the best aphrodisiac, and any girl who knows how to tease her man just enough to stir that jealous emotion, can encourage some of the most amazing and passionate sex a couple will have.

My stories are mainly about my own personal experiences so they are true stories. I'm new to writing so I'm learning with every new story I write.

I'm open to chatting to anyone so feel free to send me a message.

Jason Street
I love a variety of sex, whether it be slow and erotic, or hard and rough, as long as it's full of passion and I can look into the girl's eyes and see her lust for me.

I find a girl in lace and/or corsets a real turn on. I don't object to most things a girl in my company wears or does, as long as the intention is to please me and be sexy. I like sex in public or anywhere different to the bedroom. One of my favourite things to do is lick pussy. I always can't wait to tease a girl then finally get my tongue and taste how sweet and juicy her pussy is.
Favorite Books:
The Bourne novels
Favorite Movies:
I like a variety of films but some of my favourites include Fast and the Furious, Star Trek, Limitless, James Bond, Iron Man, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Inception
Favorite Music:
I'm a travelling DJ so my music interests revolve around House and Dance music, mainly Electro and Progressive House. My favourite music is by artists like Hardwell, Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Showtek and many more,
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Topic: How do you feel about guys touching you up in bars and clubs?
Posted: 18 May 2014 15:21

No way! A guy touches me inappropriately is getting a knee to his nuts. It would be much worse if my SO where there.

You are her BF and you are OK with this? Hey if it turns you on, so be it. But then why ask the question if you're happy with this? If you don't think it is right, then say so. Then if she still allows it then put an end to it, leave, or shut up. A relationship works both ways. If it makes you happy that you are treated this disrespectfully then no problem. If you are happy I would never judge what is right for you. If you aren't happy, don't put up with it. If she ignores your feelings and has no respect for you, it's not a relationship. It is a farce. She is using you and playing games with you. Don't be a weak person.

Its not that im happy with it or unhappy for that matter. There's a difference between getting turned on by it and just allowing her to behave however she wants.

Topic: How do you feel about guys touching you up in bars and clubs?
Posted: 17 May 2014 15:43

It kind of enforces how much of a party slut she is, if the girls with slut as their orientation or in their name won't let a stranger touch them in a club.

Topic: Wanting your views on why you think men cheat
Posted: 16 May 2014 03:36

There are a variety of reasons why a guy will cheat but I'd say the main reason is that he's not getting enough from his girlfriend and he knows there is some other girl or girls that are willing to fuck him.

If you look at animal biology, whereas women are designed to be selective about who they mate with as the workload for them reproducing is higher i.e only being able to get pregnant during specific times of a month, then developing a child for 9 months, then giving birth and raising it, men are programmed to have sex with as many women as they can to spread their cum around to increase their chances of producing offspring.

It's true when they say, men only have two emotions, horny and hungry. If the guy is horny and isn't getting it off his girlfriend, as soon as he's out and another girl makes an open interest in fucking him, the guy is going to make it happen.

The horrible thing for you girls is, if he thinks he won't get caught, he'll do it again and again with no remorse or regret.

Topic: Have you ever fucked two different people in a day?
Posted: 16 May 2014 03:22

I remember my girlfriend going off the wall one night on new years eve.

At the pre-midnight party round someones house she sucked one of her friend's dick. Then at about 1am to 1:30am i saw her walking outside with someone and when she came back, i felt her ass and there was thick cum on her ass cheek. Then later on in the night about 3am she ended up taking another guy outside. Then she fucked me when we got home.

Topic: cumming in a woman who is not on brith control
Posted: 16 May 2014 02:12

I agree that the idea of cumming inside a girl a potentially impregnating her is very hot. However, the time after that is not. I've cum inside girls I knew I wouldn't see again without any regard of what protection she is on anc felt guilty after.

My girlfriend has also ran the risk of being cummed inside when either not taken ghe pill properly or wasn't on it at all, and she would agree that at the time it was insanely hot but the stress of it after is unbearable.

Topic: 3 words a man loves to hear a woman say...
Posted: 15 May 2014 11:47

Im not pregnant

Topic: Your thoughts on sleeping around!!!!!!
Posted: 15 May 2014 02:55

I don't think it matters at all. Sex these days is nothing more than fun, getting with someone to experience something that, let's be honest, feels really good.

If my prospective girlfriend was a slut before we got together that's fine as long as she's clean.

My advice though for single guys looking, if she was a slut before you got together, chances are she is still going to be a slut when you are together.

The best partners are those who have spent the time to know their partner before sleeping with them, and haven't fucked that many people because of that time spent in between sexual relationships.

Topic: Partners giving blowjobs to other men
Posted: 15 May 2014 02:16

I wanted to answer and add that I am fine with what my gf sticks in her mouth and if she wants to suck another guys dick then she is welcome to.

Topic: Partners giving blowjobs to other men
Posted: 15 May 2014 02:14

I once watched an episode of Californication, where it was expressed that "blowjobs are like handshakes" and that the bf shouldn't be offended or felt like he was cheated on basically. I later read an article on the internet saying the same thing. That sex is now so open between people and in society than what it used to be, and certain sexual activities between people should be more openly accepted.

So my questions to the crowd are:

Girls) Do you think it's ok to give men other than your partner blowjobs because you enjoy doing the act and want to, and feel your partner should accept it?

Guys) Are you ok with your partner giving another guy a blowjob just simply because she enjoys it and wants to?

Topic: Skirts
Posted: 15 May 2014 01:49

Both are great for different reasons in different seetings and situations. As long as the skirt compliments the girl's body and shows off her legs then I'm a fan.

If I'm looking for an upskirt, loose and flowing is easiest :P

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My girlfriend’s name is Louisa. She stands at five foot, six inches with a petite, size 6/8 frame and 32B breasts. She has long, dark brunette hair which she wears straight a lot of the time. She also has sparkling hazel eyes which she makes look even more seductive by using dark eye shadow. Her best features for me though are her long sexy legs. I like to encourage her to show them off more...

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