Headlights part 2

A brother and sister explore a spanking relationship

This story is a continuation of HEADLIGHTS part 1. It might make more sense if you read that story first. In my school they call me "Headlights." It's a childish, juvenile nickname I got from my idiot boyfriend. I was walking to my next class and he was with his friends from the swimming team and he started yelling "Headlights, Headlights!" As I got closer I realized he was talking about...Read On


Headlights - Part One

A brother and sister explore a spanking relationship

I've always considered myself lucky. I have a father who loves me and a brother who adores me. My mother left when I was two. I don't really remember her and I don't care. My brother is four years older than me and he's always been my best friend. He taught me to ride a bike and swim and play tennis. I should mention that we're rich and when you're rich you sometimes think the rules of...Read On


A kiss and a spanking: Part II

An affectionate son explores a spanking relationship with his beautiful, young mom.

To say she was beautiful is not enough. Her parents brought her to New York from Argentina so she could pursue her modeling career. She was discovered in Buenos Aires by a famous international photographer, my dad. She was 17, he was 35. She was going to be a supermodel; the next Cindy Crawford. My father used to say that her arms and legs were too long and that she was too thin but she...Read On


A Kiss and a Spanking

An affectionate son enters into a spanking relationship with his mom.

It started innocently enough. Mom came in and sat across from me on the sofa. She had on a very short, black skirt. "That skirt's kinda short, isn't it," I asked. She raised her eyebrows, gave me a little smile and said "What are you, my father?" I laughed and said "If I were your father I'd put you over my knee and give you a good spanking." She was shocked. Her mouth dropped open and...Read On




The girl next door

When I was a teenager in Brooklyn, Laura was my snooty next door neighbor. She didn't like me very much but her younger brother Pete and I were best friends so I was aways at his house or he was at mine. Peter and I were sixteen years old, Laura was about twenty, a student at community college and lived at home. Laura's mother Anna loved me and always invited me to stay for dinner. Laura...Read On



Audrey starring in a spanking film - Act 1

Audrey checked her look in the mirror for the fourth time. She was so nervous. She had starred in spanking videos before, but this was her first big budget film with a real director. Her hair and makeup were perfect. She loved her wardrobe. Her riding boots fit perfectly. She turned her back to the full length mirror and admired the smooth, tight fit of the tan jodhpurs across her behind....Read On


Cherry Switches II

Penny gets a whipping

I'm standing at the end of the bed wearing nothing but my high heels. Slowly, obediently, I bend at the waist, arch my back and stick out my bare bottom. I try to be graceful and dignified in this most undignified position. My face is red with shame and my bottom feels like it's been stung by a swarm of bees. My husband Nicky is behind me whipping a cherry switch back and forth in...Read On


Cherry Switches

Penny gets a whipping

After 6 weeks of marital bliss Penny decided to test my patience. She sat at the kitchen table with a legal pad, making a list of some kind. "Shopping list," I asked. "No sweetie," she answered, "it's a contract. You agree to do certain things; I agree to do certain things." "What kind of things?" "Well, for example, I know how much you like to do things for me and how much you like to...Read On



A Beautiful, young wife submits to her new husband

I love my wife but she would be the first to admit that she has a naughty streak that demands attention. On our honeymoon she explained that she needed a strong hand to control her and that she wanted to be spanked whenever she misbehaved; the harder the better. Clearly, my beautiful,blushing bride was very kinky and spanking was her biggest turn on. She reads romance novels: The Cowboy and...Read On



My bride asks for a spanking

On the night we were married my bride confessed that she had a fantasy about being spanked on her honeymoon. She wanted a harsh bare bottom spanking over my knee. We had been together for almost a year so I knew she liked a few slaps on her backside during lovemaking but this was something different. This was a surprise. She wanted more. She wanted to be a good, obedient wife, she said,...Read On