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Topic Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted 19 Mar 2012 15:35

Better than falling asleep getting a blow job! We fell asleep at the same time and she musta been dreaming she had a corn dog in her mouth. Bit the s**t outa me- NO JOKE!

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 18 Feb 2012 18:24

yesterday- 3 times with a 65 year old GMILF !!

Topic What do you prefer: slim or the fuller figure?
Posted 18 Feb 2012 09:52

Fuller figure by far!!:

Topic Orgasms
Posted 11 Feb 2012 12:22

Believe it- sex gets better as you get older! I have a 60yr old GF who I can do 3 and 4 times a day- usually at her urging. When shes not thinking of getting married to me she can cum until shes hoarse. Me I'm happy with whatever I can get!!