The Play House (Part 1)

John takes his wife to the new swing club

The Play House - Part 1 Jo lay naked on the bed. The room was hot and the air conditioning struggled to cool the air, beads of perspiration ran down the valley between her breasts forming a small pool in the recess of her abdomen. Parting her legs she smoothed the palm of her hand across her tummy and down to her pubic mound. The fingers of her hand snaked over the bare flesh of her...Read On



My fit Mum

How do I get my hot Mum to fuck me?

  I'm 31 years old and my dad is probably about 50 by now, we haven't been in contact since he left us for some little Asian slut he met on a job in Singapore twenty or so years ago. Mum was clearly devastated but I stood by her and, despite my young age, provided encouragement for her when she felt low, old and unwanted. A very attractive woman at 49, mum has always had...Read On


My Fit Mum (Part 2)

Mum and Son go all the way.

Ok, it has been over a month now since the incident with my mum.   Incident! What the fuck am I talking about, It was the best fucking sexual experience of my life so far! Things had returned to pretty much normal at home.   The sexual encounter between me and my mum was never brought up, I assumed that It was a “one off” owing to a combination of mum having a little too much to drink...Read On



Jo gets an unexpected suprise on her birthday

John can't make it home for his wife's birthday, so he sends a black lover.

Jo’s Birthday Treat   John was working away on Jo's birthday, he'd tried to get back in time but the job he was working on needed a couple of days more than he'd anticipated. It had been too long since they last had sex and John was disappointed he couldn't fuck his wife on her birthday, look into her eyes as she thrust her pussy on to his cock, and hear her...Read On



Husband Wife try Dogging for the first time.

Martin and his wife Ros delve into the world of Dogging

It was a warm summery Sunday morning, Martin and his wife were still in bed reading the news on their iPads, the smell of freshly brewed coffee emanating from the mugs on the bedside cabinets filled the room. “So, what exactly is this dogging thing?” Ros asked Martin. “I've just read an article in the news about a couple who go dogging.” Martin put down his iPad and turned to his wife. ...Read On


The Stranger

Husband and wife let a voyeur join in their fun.

John and his wife Jo were enjoying their holiday on the island of Corsica, spending yet another day on the beach they soaked up some much needed sunshine and swam in the warm crystal clear sea. They had picked a small secluded beach on the western side of the island, it was quiet, private and not too far from their villa, the sand was soft and white, a few clumps of palm trees dotted...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


The Play House (Part 2)

John Jo continue their tour of the sex club.

“The Play House” (Part 2) John and Jo left the “Dogging Room” just as another couple were coming in. “What’s this experience like?” The older lady asked Jo. “It’s our first time in this room.” “Oh, I think you’re going to like this one for sure,” Jo said grinning from ear to ear. John quickly explained to the woman’s husband how to operate the sliding table. Wishing the couple...Read On


A Friend in Need

Married couple invite a friend on a buisiness trip

Shahid pointed the Nikon at his beautiful wife Tanya as she modelled for him on a secluded beach in Naples Florida. Firing several shots from the digital SLR Shahid called out instructions, Tanya posed accordingly. Wearing a tiny, pale yellow bikini, Tanya’s full voluptuous figure and dark skin emphasised their latest design in ladies swimwear. From Pakistan, Shahid and Tanya were on a...Read On