jollylolly's Blog Entries

17 Jul 2014 19:36

I have this terrible habit of not being a wealthy divorcee.

30 May 2014 07:54

If any of you guys ever need anything, and I do mean

07 Apr 2014 07:39

Sorry I'm such an adorable bitch.

11 Feb 2014 04:53

Valentine's Day gift idea: a boquet of breakfast burritos

05 Feb 2014 05:44

Wednesday is cancelled. Everyone can go back to bed

24 Nov 2013 05:35

I have a feeling something is missing this Sunday morning. I have a craving or a yearning or a hunger for something, maybe it's tater tots.

22 Nov 2013 07:24

Of course there are no stupid questions. Why would you even ask me that? Moron.

10 Nov 2013 09:17

Orgiastic dissipation

06 Nov 2013 04:44

Who delivers decent mac and cheese before 7am in Texas? PM me with the info, thanks.

04 Nov 2013 06:12

Desperate to know men's opinions on boobs, I joined lush. Boobs. That's why we're all here, isn't it?

03 Nov 2013 01:08

Fall back! Unless you're drunk. Stumble around and fall forward flat on your face or something.

31 Oct 2013 03:24

My bastarding bed doesn't want to sleep with me.

18 Aug 2013 21:22

I'm sleepy and I want to be spooned by the night breeze, its fingers in my hair.

15 Dec 2012 13:53

excessively avoiding moderation

08 Dec 2012 11:54

funny how hearts are just the right size to fit in a person's hand. so squeezable.

02 Dec 2012 14:09


01 Dec 2012 06:48

I wish cum tasted like the cream cheese frosting that's on my breakfast cupcake. What?

27 Nov 2012 10:56

it's cold here. come take my clothes off and warm me up.

11 Nov 2012 05:41

Why yes, I am cute & sweet. In a 'you should sleep with one eye open' kind of way.

10 Nov 2012 04:41

I would like some coffee, toast, and my panties pulled to the side this morning, please.

05 Nov 2012 13:47

Baking cookies with lots of raisins in them for my enemies.

05 Nov 2012 07:36

Don't forget to vote for me for president.

21 Sep 2012 00:10

whispers hello everyone

19 Sep 2012 10:28

I'm a closet freak.

17 Sep 2012 14:38

I've been sitting outside, under a tree, reading a book all afternoon. Just like in 2000 B.C.!

16 Sep 2012 10:19

Cuddle me to near-death then revive me with kisses ok

12 Sep 2012 06:27

I'll have the best of everything, please! And I will pay for it with this magical TO INFINITY credit card I just made.

11 Sep 2012 20:45

Here I am, drinking champagne from the bottle & eating raw cookie dough. Just a typical Tuesday night.

09 Sep 2012 06:13

Good morning all you lovely, filthy-minded freaks! xoxo

04 Sep 2012 07:18

Hmmm, my freshly made bed looks so inviting....must. resist.