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Topic Gf cheated on me. Second chance?
Posted 18 Apr 2014 08:19

I think a year is a long time to wait to have sex in a relationship, and a very short reationship length to put up with cheating. I would end it. If she wants you back, let her work for it.

Topic Would you be willing to send me a pic of your boobs?
Posted 18 Apr 2014 08:10

Jesus died so that teenagers could ask for pics of boobs on the internet.

Topic Why misrepresent...
Posted 16 Apr 2014 09:58

Should I send her an FR?

Sure, as long as your webcam isn't broken.

Topic Why misrepresent...
Posted 15 Apr 2014 18:06

Why do people misrepresent themselves with pictures they claim are them, but are in fact some hot model/person. It is b.s. I appreciate anonymity, but it's really frustrating. It's hard to be turned on with these guys when they could be fat slobs hidden behind six pack abs. Just venting; women do that, and where better than a forum? There is reverse Google picture search. A blatant misrepresentation, unless they mention it is not them or obviously not them ( famous person, etc....) Are there any proven hot men on here? Proven by Skype. I have skyped two men, and each one said their camera was broken (yeah right!). I still turned mine on because I want people to know it is really me. My man is super fine (someone whose picture would be used as one's avatar); he just happens to be away for a long time. I just think of him when chatting. Maybe that's for the best anyhow.

Yes. Maybe you just haven't attracted them. dontknow

Topic What song gets you hot and bothered?
Posted 07 Apr 2014 11:36

Voodoo Child, just the intro alone gives me eargasms. Or Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes.

Topic Girls, do you flirt with other girls?
Posted 07 Apr 2014 07:36

I like girls just fine but I don't intentionally flirt with them. Get a dick, then maybe I'll flirt with you ;)

Topic For those with real avatars
Posted 03 Apr 2014 07:16

you should only change if you are ashamed to be here.

I don't think it's about being ashamed to be here, it's about discretion!

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 31 Mar 2014 19:23

David Sedaris calling me a whore.

Topic Would you like to have a fuck-machine in your house?
Posted 31 Mar 2014 18:47

If I had an extra room in my house I'd rather use it as a sewing/craft room, but I wouldn't mind if my partner wanted to watch me going at it.Embarassed

Topic Silly pet peeves
Posted 30 Mar 2014 20:57

1. When the nosy drivers behind me think it's their business where or when I choose to turn.

2. People who use ur when it should be u'r.

3. When people forget about Dre.

4. When people think I'm being serious when I'm just kidding.

Topic Person above has been arrested for what naughty crime?
Posted 30 Mar 2014 12:07

I'm afraid she set fire to the neighbor's lawn, but it was just to make s'mores.

Topic The random thread
Posted 12 Mar 2014 12:59

If you put raisins in your granola you can go fuck yourself you monster.

Topic Rock and Roll Hall of Shame
Posted 11 Mar 2014 09:11

Who decides which bands get inducted?! Sonic Youth, The Pixies, X, Bad Brains, The Cure, The Smiths, The Go-Gos, Devo, The Buzzcocks...

Topic things to do naked
Posted 05 Mar 2014 17:01

Roll around in bubble wrap. Eat ice cream.

Topic Accents?
Posted 05 Mar 2014 16:12

I always find it amusing when foreigners say they like 'the british accent'. Have you any idea how many accents there are in britain!!? There's a different accent for practically every city. I'm from yorkshire & we certainly don't sound like the typical posh london or cockney as seen on tv!!

We foreigners do realize there is more than one British accent, we just like (mostly) all of them.

I've always loved Russian accents too.

Topic Who is the best fuck on Lush and why?
Posted 19 Feb 2014 18:37

Not for me it's not!:-"

Not for me either, tbh love7

Topic Who is the best fuck on Lush and why?
Posted 19 Feb 2014 17:22

haha I just wanted to give all of you an opportunity to show what class you had and actually not mention anyone. you all passed. Very very classy fun. And many laughs

Nice try, but I don't even believe you're a real puppy. Puppies can't type.

Topic Who is the best fuck on Lush and why?
Posted 19 Feb 2014 14:54

It's me, isn't it?

I'm pretty sure the best fuck on lush has a vagina, not a penis.confused5

Topic Ladies, does looking at pics of a guy's cock do anything for you?
Posted 11 Feb 2014 19:48

Does nothing for me. Maybe you guys should start decorating them with a string of lights or something, be creative with your dick pics.

Topic The random thread
Posted 11 Feb 2014 17:38

What's up, buttercup? What's the story, morning glory?

Topic What actor(s) do you dislike so much, that you won't even bother watching their movies/shows?
Posted 11 Feb 2014 08:08

Julia Roberts playing Julia Roberts in a Julia Roberts movie.

Topic What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Posted 11 Feb 2014 05:45

Coffee, the last and the next.

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 11 Feb 2014 04:39

A woman's body is her own but when she has an abortion she is not killing her body. She is killing a different person's body. If she wants to have control over her body then she needs to use other forms of birth control that prevent pregnancy before it happens! And yes i know that most people will say, "What about rape or incest?" Well, rape and incest are only about 1% of all abortions performed so that is not a valid argument! Abortion is MURDER, plain and simple!! Be responsible and control YOUR body instead of killing someone else's body!!!

No, it's not. It's a medical procedure, and it is still legal. America, home of Roe v Wade, love it or leave it :)

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 08 Feb 2014 11:35

No, but I've killed a couple :(

TPBM is getting super horny for men's olympic curling

Topic OK gals...Spit or Swallow?
Posted 06 Feb 2014 19:58

Take a sip, swish, and then spit.

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 06 Feb 2014 19:42

Every time I come across someone who wants to restrict access to abortion for any reason I put money into my Planned Parenthood contribution fund.

Topic How BIG is your cock for guys and how BIG are your tits for women?
Posted 06 Feb 2014 09:29

Boob update: I have somewhat big boobs and they're really inconvenient.

Topic So ladies, what do you buy for happiness????
Posted 06 Feb 2014 06:40

Today, some luxurious yarn for a blanket I'm making. I'm inspired by color.

Topic Finish the sentence...I remember when...
Posted 06 Feb 2014 05:32

I remember when we had winter not a polar vortex. Brrrr.

Topic General Opinion About Men?
Posted 05 Feb 2014 07:59

I think all men are made of Legos and semen. And that's fine with me.