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I like to chat with anybody,about anything !! Love the stories on here and would like to try writing one myself but I dont think I could match any on here but who knows one day I might. If you need to see my cock just ask ! please state your preference hard or soft LoL.

sam jones
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Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
sex,keeping fit, chatting, music.
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any sci-fi
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isaac azimov
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so many!
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all rock rocks!!!!!
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11 May 2011
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Topic: When Lush friends just disappear.
Posted: 07 Nov 2013 01:53

I had just found an author that really hit my spot, BLISSFULBETH , her stories were excellent and I was enjoying her different series and she has just disappeared. If you are still on here beth as another member could you let me know ?

Topic: Skinny,Curvy,BBW
Posted: 30 Nov 2012 11:34

Not into BBW but curvy and skinny float my boat.

Topic: Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted: 06 Nov 2012 03:08

Hot!! Hot!! Hot!!! I love it !!!

Topic: Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted: 27 Feb 2012 22:35

kiss,fuck and suck !!

Topic: What would you do if you visited a Beach to discover it was clothing optional
Posted: 26 Jul 2011 09:43


Topic: Where on Earth are you from? (Location, not heritage)
Posted: 23 Jul 2011 00:26

Northampton UK - home of the chatty fuckersblah5

Topic: sacrifice happiness
Posted: 18 Jul 2011 11:19

i think some parents dont want to struggle for problems, even if they are not serious problem. and they decide to divorce so easy without thinking the future of children. still we have no idea the effect of divorce families on society. some research result:

the results of 92 studies involving 13,000 children ranging from preschool to young adulthood to determine what the overall results indicated. The overall result of this analysis was that children from divorced families are on "average" somewhat worse off than children who have lived in intact families. These children have more difficulty in school, more behavior problems, more negative self-concepts, more problems with peers, and more trouble getting along with their parents....

other reports that 90% of adolescent boys and girls in intact families were within the normal range on problems and 10% had serious problems that we would generally require some type of professional help. The percentages for divorced families were 74% of the boys and 66% of the girls in the normal range and 26% of the boys and 34% of the girls were in the problematic range....

as we can do everything for our business career, we dont try to struggle for our children...of course, if there is so serious problem in the marriage (like everyday fight), it can be worse than divorce...I am trying to understand when we have to give up struggle for our marriage...what is the degree of happiness or unhappiness...or maybe we just divorce for new adventures

I think the childrens happiness is paramount. there are only two people that can decide what is best and that is the mum and dad.Once a childs happiness is affected by the parents unhappiness the whole situation must be assesed by the parents and maybe the children(depending on age).The original question is not specific to circumstances but the circumstances can be so diverse that the original question could not be answered by anybody on here unless they are personally involved . I take on your observation that struggle/success at work is more tolerated than marriage but I think that is more male(hunter/gatherer) than female orientated..............just my opinion!

Topic: What kind of sex would you have with the person above you?
Posted: 04 Jul 2011 23:17

very gratifying sex but would really love watching the '69' with adele :)

Topic: Do you prefer shaved pussies?
Posted: 02 Jul 2011 08:16

I love all pussies but I love shaved ones the best, its easier to get suction on a bald pussy and you can slide your mouth around with all those juices for lubrication.Hairy pussies are abrasive to the lips and don't allow that freedom of liquid movement from clit to labia to mons and beyond.....................with this in mind, I am always shaven it's only fair

Topic: Would you lick, suck and taste the one above you?
Posted: 02 Jul 2011 00:27

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Posted: 01 Jan 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
Posted: 30 Dec 2011 16:57
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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