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Topic: Would you consider LUSH to be a porn site?
Posted: 22 Feb 2014 11:56

To me, Lush is a place where you can talk about things that you can rarely discuss in Real Life. People are free to admit their kinks to the world. Where else do you find people who describe their last masturbation session, or last night's sex, or their biggest sexual fantasy?

I have found lush to be very liberating, and I have seen new users go from shy and uptight to sexually open to anything. You don't have to hide anything, like you do in RL.

I think of Lush as a kinky community website. As for porn? Come on, any website that you have to hide the screen from co-workers...it's porn.

Topic: date, fuck buddies or pass?
Posted: 15 Oct 2013 09:13

fuck buddies who fuck often...

Topic: SimplyJohn - 3 free Gold memberships HERE!!
Posted: 26 Aug 2013 09:14

Number 89 please.

Thanks John.

Topic: Do you believe in psychics?
Posted: 28 Jul 2013 08:58

To me it is summed up in a pic I saw...a sign on a conference room door said 'psychic convention cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances'. Oops.

Topic: Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted: 08 Jul 2013 19:52

Mind if I touch it?

Topic: How slutty are you? http://www.okcupid.com/the-slut-test
Posted: 22 Jun 2013 17:38

72% I'm with Deuce226, I thought it would be higher. Still respectable slutty, though.

Topic: Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted: 17 Jun 2013 16:11

May I, Samantha?.....Fuck.

Topic: My last orgasm was...
Posted: 16 Jun 2013 18:22

This morning while chatting with a Lush girl.....

Topic: How would you rate the avatar above, bland.. good.. funny... or perfect?
Posted: 16 Jun 2013 18:12

Soft mounds and a smile

Topic: Three words said about the person above you
Posted: 16 Jun 2013 15:00

Cums every day.

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Mouth Sex

My wife, Joanna, pulled me into her arms for a passionate kiss. Another kiss, this one slow and tender, as she unbuttoned my shirt. We’d just returned from our favorite restaurant where we had celebrated my birthday, and were still in the front hall. “It’s time for your present, handsome. Be a good boy, and do as I say. And, don’t say a word.” She reached for my tie, slid the knot loose,...

Added 15 Mar 2014 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 21 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 2,489 | 15 Comments

A Visit From 'Boyfriends Past'

Well, this was going to suck. It was going to be her first Valentine's Day since high school that she didn't have a boyfriend to celebrate with. No romantic dinner. No flowers. No late night love. And no prospects. She knew that she could pick up some guy at a local bar, but that wasn't how she did things. A one night stand would just make her feel worse. Besides, she'd never done that...

Added 21 Jul 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 4,530 | 4 Comments

No Touching

Jake honked the horn as he pulled to the curb in front of Diane's house. He and Diane had been dating since ninth grade, and were off to see a new movie. They had to hurry if they were going to pick up Brian and Ellie and get to the theater on time. Diane's best friend Ellie had been dating Brian since their junior year, and the four of them were best friends and partners-in-crime. Graduation...

Added 16 Jun 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 7,071 | 9 Comments

Tell Me Your Secrets

Going through emails was normally quite tedious when you owned a website. Joseph's website, however, was a niche site that only attracted specific viewers, so the emails he received were very specific, and much more interesting. He scanned the list until he found the one that interested him. It was from Marie, his current client. She confirmed that everything was a 'go' for tomorrow...

Added 07 Jun 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 4,508 | 4 Comments

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