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I am the married mother of two. I am bi and kinky. This does not mean I have to be kinky with everyone. This also does not mean I would like to talk about my kids. That is just eewwwww.

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Topic: BDSM 101
Posted: 02 May 2014 20:47

A few quick rules for sadists and pain sluts

1) Consent - Not much of a problem online but still needs to be said.
2) Never ever play when angry - This is a good way to end up with an abused sub and a guilty M that both feel awful later. You were entrusted by the sub to take care of them and maintain control.
3) Do Not Abuse The Sub - This relationship can become very powerful. The sub can be driven to do things they never would have considered in the name of proving their love for M or desire to go further. There is a fine line between pushing a sub in a scene so they get an incredible experience and hitting the wall and crashing through. In extreme cases the sub will keep coming back to try to prove their love. Eventually this becomes a disaster for both.
4) Limits - Set them and do not break them. Both parties need to talk about them and agree to them. If you both can't agree then you might want to go your separate ways. Everyone has limits, if you think you don't need them I will tell you some scenes that will make you think "Only someone really sick would do that." That is a good way to end up with multiple body piercings and permanent body mods you were not expecting while you were tied up and gagged. Remember, to the vanilla world we are all sick here. See #3 for what happens when this rule is not respected.
5) Safe words - Both sides need one at least. What I find works best is "Yellow" = This is not so much fun, need to stop and do something different. Still want to play but warning. "Red" = Stop NOW! Mental and/or physical has gone too far. Ignore these and you end up at #3
6) Subs should not break rules to get punished - This sounds crazy. What will happen is the sub wants to play, intense play. They feel bad or are embarrassed to ask for it. So they start breaking rules. This can be a problem and lead to issues with #2 and #3. You both need to be able to signal "I need spanks"
7) New things need to be discussed - You might think they would look awesome with nipple rings. They might not think so. Deciding to spring this on them while they are tied and gagged is not the right time to do this.
8) This is a relationship that you both work on - Just because you are D means you just sit back and give orders. You are responsible for the care and happiness of your sub. They are giving you control because they trust you.

I hope that you find these helpful

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Another hectic week. I know I haven't been around much lately and I'm not sure it's going to get any better any time soon. Don't give up on me though. Just thought I'd send everyone a little sump'n sump'n to say thanks for being there for me.

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Something on the softer, tamer side tonight

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Thinking of us!!!
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thanks for the add sweety
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