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18 Apr 2014 07:24

mmmm, sad day for me......loosing a great friend here on lush. I totally understand hun, why your leaving. You will be greatly missed dear. May you pursue your love, and happiness aside from here. You will be thought of often............mwah

07 Apr 2014 14:10

so, birthday week is over, thanks for the pics and well wishes. I have come to grips that I am a year

01 Apr 2014 19:46

wooohooo, I am the birthday boy...April 2. BUT I have it all week long, so flood my page with pics, girls...

23 Mar 2014 12:58

where is everyone??????????????? its lonely here

10 Mar 2014 15:44

made some nice friends here, thanks for all the nice chats we have had. Its a breath of fresh air, finding "true" friends, who talk, and do not just add for numbers for those who have been friends for awhile, thanks to you as well....... it makes my evenings enjoyable when ya'll are on

19 Jan 2014 11:13

I am back.............. did anyone miss me?

13 Jan 2014 17:39

no pics? come on peoples.........booohoooooo

11 Jan 2014 14:37

I am in a lil bit of a bad humour....... try cheering me up, peeps......with sexy messages, or hot pics...

10 Jan 2014 14:32

so, I finally changed my avater, hope ya like...

08 Jan 2014 14:00

well, its warmed up .....WOOOHOOOOOO yippeeeeee. Its -15C .

07 Jan 2014 19:08

Karazie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -25C which is darn cold for all u F peoples out there. prolly -8F . and windy as ever. After we had like 1 foot of snow... not impressed

06 Jan 2014 16:01

ok, ok..........I have HAD it!!!!!!!

01 Jan 2014 07:15

what a quiet day on lush, everyone sleeping off their hangover? lol

31 Dec 2013 16:06

Happy New Years!!!!!!!!

27 Dec 2013 09:26

Happy Anniversary to me..........two years of making cool friends on here. does not seem that long. So, where is all the well wishes, my friends? heheheh. Is that vain? asking for it? lol too bad with it