Virgin In Heat Chapter 3

Jules and Michael finally commit to fullon sex

My brother and I had committed some of the deepest sins of society. We had kissed, had seen each other naked, and had given each other oral sex. Michael had eaten me out to the best orgasm of my inexperienced life, and was now posed over my supine form; his engorged manhood set to impale the soft flesh of his virgin sister. Michael took each of my wrists, holding my arms above my head....Read On


Virgin In Heat Chapter 2

“Your turn, little sis.” I had just had the most erotic experience of my life. My first experience with male anatomy, first sight, first touch with an erect penis. It startled me to think that before I even got my first kiss I had already sucked a guy off. Well to be mostly accurate been mouth-fucked by him, but still. My lips touched cock before they touched other lips. I sat...Read On


Virgin In Heat Chapter 1

My brother, my best friend, and maybe more...

I was a late bloomer in terms of my sexuality. Never kissed a boy, never been on first dates that led to a second. Guys always seem surprised by this, as though they either can’t believe their luck, or wonder what was so wrong with me that no one else has scooped me up yet. It was the summer after I graduated from high school. I was a bit of a loss as to what to do with myself now. I had...Read On


Third Time's the Charm

A sister in desperation turns closer to home

I arrived home late Friday afternoon, grumpy and annoyed. The boy I had been starting to hang out with had turned out to be playing four different girls at once, and had seemed to be confused as to why this might be a deal breaker for any of us. It was too bad; he was pretty hot, and apparently was pretty big down there, but I wasn’t going to be pulled around like that. What was it with...Read On


Megan's Interim 3: Megan's Shower

Brother helps sister relax, has a surprise

It had been a long day, long and stressful,and I was so glad it was over. All I wanted to do was have a hot shower, then read in bed. I slammed the door behind me, kicked off my shoes, and dropped my bag. My head was sore and I made my way to the kitchen to find an Advil. There was a bottle of wine sitting on the table, but nothing else. I frowned, downed the pill, and found the corkscrew. ...Read On


T and K

Twin sister find love

My relationship with my twin sister has always been the most important part of my life. We are identical twins, and have spent each day of our lives together. While we don’t have any “mystical” connection, I have never felt as in tune with anyone as I have with Kirsten. Our up childhood was completely normal, despite an early habit of pretending to be the other. I’m not even sure our names...Read On


Maybe Incest

Losing my virginity to my (maybe) twin brother

I was seventeen when I first met my brother. We were twins, separated at birth. I don’t know why our mother gave me up, why she chose him over me, but I’m sure she had her reasons. The family that adopted me cared for me above and beyond anything I could have hoped for, and were completely honest with me about everything. Still, I have always felt something was missing, and wondering what...Read On


Megan's Interim 2: Megan's Heat

Brother and sister add heat to an already hot night

The heat of the night was suffocating, and I lay sprawled on top of the covers of my bed. My bed, and now my brother’s. It had been weeks since he moved in, and since we became closer than any brother and sister should be. I knew it, he knew it, but neither of us cared. We were living as lovers now, and we had no intention of stopping. The frantic lovemaking of the early days had finally...Read On


Megan's Interim 1:Megan's Dream

A long time dream is made real

I feel his eyes on me, as I dance in the dim light. The music is swirling and vibrant, and I lose myself in it, swaying and turning to the rhythms. There is just me, the music, and his eyes. The grass beneath my feet is cool, a contrast to the heat of the flame as I twirl around it. The air is still, moved only by the fabric of the loose robe I’m wearing. Its flimsy, almost see through, and...Read On


Megan's Morning

The morning after my brother and I found ourselves.

I opened my eyes, the morning after the most fulfilling night of my life, to my brother’s face in profile above me. Early morning sunlight was filling the room with its bright glow, highlighting the curves and lines of Michael’s face. We were lying on the floor, in the same place we had spent the night fucking each other’s brains out. He was flat on his back, unmoved, but I had slipped off him...Read On


Siblings in Spring

stressed sister is comforted by her brother

Sunday morning had cleared off after days of rain, and I sat looking out over the thick mists that still draped the bow valley. The sun was still shrouded, but catching the pearly banks making the sky glow with light. I was sitting on the floor, drinking from an oversize coffee mug and wrapped in a bear fur my father had given me years before. My family operated a large trapping and hunting...Read On



Night Thoughts

I lay awake in the night, wondering. For some reason you have been in my thoughts lately, in ways that I normally only think about guys. All I’ve ever thought about is strong wide shoulders, tightly formed muscles, and long thick smooth dicks, plunging deep into my pussy. Now though, now I’m not so sure. Ever since I met you things have been different. When I close my eyes I don’t see...Read On