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Im a 22 year old man from the US.

I recently found Lush and have fallen in love with it. It has the best admins and support of any site I have ever been on.

While I'm writing this I just posted my first story a day ago and will be posting more in the future.

If you want to be friends send me a request and I will probably except it.

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Topic: Have you ever cum in your pants?
Posted: 03 Mar 2014 19:44

Actually I did for the first time a few months ago. I am 21 and in high school almost every chick would wear yoga pants every day. I noticed all the nice asses and all but now that I am out of HS and don't see nearly as many on a daily basis I get super horny when I see a nice young ass in yoga pants. So I was at work when I see this sexy as hell teen(probably 17) walking towards me in super tight yoga pants. I mean she was my perfect girl. The first thing I noticed was she had a small camel toe and you could see the outline of her pussy perfectly, that alone made my cock super hard. My next thought was getting behind her to see her ass. When I saw her ass I nearly exploded. It was so tight and round I couldn't even believe I was looking at it. And she had them so tight that the pants went in between her ass cheeks so you could see everything. Her pants were so tight it was like she just had black paint on. So I stood behind her for a long time just starring as my cock got harder. Then I snapped out of it and noticed my cock was pitching a huge tent, so I headed to the bathroom to masturbate. I closed my eyes as I walked so I could keep the image in my head. When I got in the bathroom I unzipped my pants and the second I touched my cock to pull it out I started cumming, I paniced and just whipped it out and started stroking as I finished cumming. I have never been more horny after seeing a chick with clothes on lol.

Topic: Quick question
Posted: 01 Mar 2014 22:44


Topic: I need help!
Posted: 23 Dec 2013 00:35

Editing, proofreading..... Think about something you do really bad, and that's how I am with writing. It just doesn't click in my head.

Topic: I have a few questions for guys...like for real about sex! Please help!
Posted: 23 Dec 2013 00:32

I am 20 and here is what I think:

1)- A scar is nothing to worry about. If I think the girl is attractive than I could care less about a scar.

2)- The more pleasure I see in a women when we are having sex the better. If I saw you having a bunch of orgasms it would make me cum faster.

3)- Hell yes, as long as its legal. And in my state I can have sex with anyone 16 and up. I have had sex with several girls that are 16 in the last year and I prefer them over girls my age or older. When I was in HS I really only wanted to hook up with older chicks for some reason. But now that I am out of school I am totally different. Once girls get out of high school they quit sports, stop being active and start partying a bunch. All of that leads to them losing their perfect bodies. I think a women's body is in its prime when she is 16 or 17. The 16 year olds I had sex with had the best bodies of anyone I have ever had sex with. Now I appreciate a tight body when I see one.

4)- Sorry but no, unless she allowed me to sleep with other women. I believe a woman doing that to a man is torture, same goes the other way to.

5)- I have had sex with several girls who are in HS right now and for some reason they all were completely shaved. And I must say when I pull down the underwear of a shaved pussy and see a nice shaved pussy it gets my heart pumping. That said, I don't mind a woman that isn't shaved.

6)- For me, boobs aren't a huge priority. I could care less what a womans breasts look like. Yes I like nice boobs, but I could care less.

Topic: Yoga Pants question
Posted: 23 Dec 2013 00:17

I am 20 and when I was in HS almost every single girl wore yoga pants. They have exploded the last few years. I think it is the greatest invention ever! Anyway, when a hot chick with a nice ass puts on her yoga pants does she expect and want guys to stare at her ass? I mean I feel like they are begging for us too, but I also feel like if they see me looking they will get mad or something? So for all of you women who wear yoga pants(Or anything super revealing like that), do you want men to stare at your ass? I couldn't imagine the answer being no, because when you put them on you have to know you are driving us crazy.

Topic: The Perfect Pussy?
Posted: 23 Dec 2013 00:11

Honestly women have no right to complain about their pussy. Sorry but its true. Men are under 100000x more pressure than women.

First off men have to worry about the size of their dick, because if you have a super small cock it is a turn off and hard to have sex.

If the guy has a good size cock he still has to worry about endurance, which is probably the biggest issue among men. There is so much anxiety when it comes to this(When we first start having sex). We cant help if we cum super fast, we just cant.

Then there are the guys who cant get it up. Its so frustrating and embarrassing! The woman gets offended because she thinks she isn't hot enough or something?

Oh and we have to worry about hiding our bonners in public. You women are so inconsiderate when it comes to how easy we can get a bonner. For example what is the deal with yoga pants? In my job I see hundreds of people come in and out of the store everyday and a lot of them are chicks from the high school(I am 20 btw). And literally every HS chick these days wears yoga pants. So when I see some 17 year old with an amazing body and a super tight ass, I tend to get a bonner. Then I have to try and hide it and stuff. And that is not easy! Just the other day I saw the tightest ass in the tightest yoga pants, and as I was starring I didn't notice I was getting a bonner. Then when the chick turned around I saw the nicest camel toe I had ever seen. You could see the outline of her lips so clearly. Long story short I got a raging bonner and had to walk to the bathroom bent over and wait it out, but I kept picturing her ass and pussy. It took so long for my cock to get soft again.

Topic: I need help!
Posted: 22 Dec 2013 23:58

So I wrote my first story a little while ago, but haven't been able to publish one since. Why? Because every time I submit a new story it gets declined. The first story I wrote had to be edited by a mod, otherwise it wouldn't of been accepted. It got good feedback. I have so many more and better experiences I want to share but I suck at writing. If anyone can help me get a couple of my stories published I would be more than happy. Maybe we can work out a way I can pay you back? Thanks for your time.

Topic: Best Porn Site
Posted: 13 Dec 2013 18:19

What is the best porn site out there? I don't care if it costs money or not, I want some top notch porn! I am sick of non HD porn! I would rather pay the money for HD porn than watch shitty quality videos! So what is the best site?

Topic: Should yoga pants be lillegal?
Posted: 02 Dec 2013 15:54

So today at work(gas station) I saw a perfect ass. The girl was probably 16 or 17(I am 20), she had blonde hair and a cute face. If she had on snow gear and you could really only see her face you would think she was cute but nothing too special. Anyway she was wearing a shirt with my old schools name on it so I knew she was in high school and she had on yoga pants. The yoga pants were super super tight. Like most guys when I see a chick with yoga pants on I have to check out the ass. I have seen plenty of nice asses in yoga pants throughout high school but this chick easily had the best ass. It looked so firm, tight and round. And since the yoga pants were so tight you could see every line. You could see the outline of each cheek. I instantly got a bonner when I saw it, I had to go in the bathroom and masturbate.

So should yoga pants be banned? I mean that chicks ass drove me crazy. I had to masturbate it was so bad. And I guarantee I wasn't the only guy that saw her today who got a bonner. She probably averages 30 bonners a day. And if its not a super hot chick who is wearing yoga pants it is a super fat chick. So either I have to masturbate or puke.

Topic: Which do you refer to yourself as a Boob Man, a Leg Man, or An Ass Man?
Posted: 30 Nov 2013 00:31

I love this question but what if I am something else? Like a back man? Here is how I rank my five favorite woman body parts. I will use pictures, they will go from favorite to 5th favorite.

1. Pussy (This is easily my favorite part of a women. Yea its most mens but this is also what I am most picky about. I like a tight and clean pussy like the once below. That is a perfect pussy.)

2. Ass (Ass is a close 2nd. I go crazy when I see a nice round tight ass. I don't like asses that are too big. I guess I don't care how big they are as long as they are round and firm. Women with huge asses that are really jiggly and saggy turn me off.)

3. Stomach/Hip (This area is very important. I think it is extremely sexy when a woman has sexy hip bones poking out. Like when chicks where shirts that only go to their belly buttons, you can see their sexy hip bones. And the stomach is also important. The part I look at is the upper stomach. I look for a line going from their abs up through their boobs. The woman below has a perfect stomach and hips.)

4. Boobs (The perfect set of boobs really turns me on. I don't like really big boobs. I like them just perfect. And they cant look fake, I want them to look soft. This woman below has perfect boobs. Oh and her pussy is amazing too.)

5. Back (A sexy back is so hot. When you have a girl riding you reverse cowgirl and she has a nice back it makes it so much better. I love a nice crease running up the spine. This girl has a great back)

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