kornslayer1's Blog Entries

02 Oct 2011 23:35

I can't stop writing. It's a sickness it seems.

28 Sep 2011 20:50

To everyone that thinks While they were gone isn't as good as some of past works, it was actually my first story on this website. It was really just a practice story and it got removed twice. I said fuck it a couple times and took a break from writing, then the same thing happened with How much I love your brother. But I edited it a bit and added some too. But let me know what you think please.

27 Sep 2011 15:30

Thanks to everyone who read and voted for My step brother wants me. I'm glad most people liked it. Still more to come.

23 Sep 2011 23:27

Still working on my next series. I'll submit some other single stories first though. Then I'll start submitting my series. I hope you like it, and as I said it won't be a brother sister series.

22 Sep 2011 09:36

Well the finale is on there now. Comment me there or write a private message if you want. Or if I'm online IM me. Thanks for reading.

20 Sep 2011 23:14

I submitted the final Truth or dare brother chapter. I hope you like the ending. I don't know how many more series' I'm gonna do, but I do have at least one more coming. But we'll see. And thanks for reading.

18 Sep 2011 23:23

Just got back from Uproar. The concert was great, but the weather sucked. Once again thanks to those who are keeping up with my current series.

13 Sep 2011 19:08

I wanna say thank you to anyone that has read anything of mine honestly. I wanna thank the people that have read any of the Truth or dare brother chapters. Even if you stopped. I wanna say thanks anyway. The end is coming soon. Don't worry there is still a few more chapters to get through. I'm working on my next series and it won't be a brother sister series. I really appreciate everyone that has read my stories. And I got a lot more coming. So watch for my name.

25 Jul 2011 23:47

Just chilling writing and writing. It's just in my blood I guess

20 Jun 2011 22:07

I realize this is the internet, and you say what ever you want, but damn some people. WTF?

04 Jun 2011 23:34

Love yourself and the people you want to love