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17 Apr 2014 07:53

01 Mar 2014 08:36

That stupid song "Pompeii" sounds like it was written to be the background music for a prescription blood pressure medication.

"Ask your doctor if you're healthy enough for Bastille."

27 Feb 2014 09:53

17 Feb 2014 14:10

16 Feb 2014 14:35

14 Feb 2014 08:50

Happy girl is happy.

14 Feb 2014 08:12

Happy Valentine's Day, fuckers.

I mean that in the best, dirtiest, most explicit way possible.

03 Feb 2014 14:43

Hell of a storm here. I hope you New Yorkers are ready, because it looks like you might get all 12" of this thing as it sprays the white stuff all over you.

09 Jan 2014 14:28

Okay gang, here's what needs to happen: a weed-only strip club. That's so much better than a club with booze flowing, for every possible reason. Any entrepreneurs here willing to capitalize on a can't-lose idea? Yes, I'm serious.

21 Dec 2013 08:00

Nobody warned me that the end of Toy Story 3 would make me sob.

15 Dec 2013 17:42

12 Dec 2013 15:05

Where can I obtain passage to this world where nobody's ever responsible for their own actions? Were the tickets costly? Is it always sunny in that parallel universe,too?

25 Nov 2013 12:27

20 Nov 2013 12:19

Found it!

15 Nov 2013 14:07

Jeez. It's like the people in this Babies'R'Us never saw a "fuck tha police!" t-shirt before.