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I'm a guy and I'm pretty much a bisexual, I just can appreciate attractive people of any sex I'd say I'm into men and women equally, but right now most of my stories are gay. My stories are usually pretty quick and to-the-point. I write a lot of personal scenes to get me off, sometimes if I think I can flesh the story out to where other people will know what I'm talking about, I might rewrite it with another audience in mind and put in online. As I said it's usually to-the-point (the point usually being some really hot sex) and so I don't usually have much of a storyline. I am working on some stuff that should have a bit more story so I can set up some really sexy scenarios, but its still mostly about the fucking. and I'm sure some people will think some stuff sounds implausible and made up... that's because it is All of my stories are 100% FICTION, I'm not trying to claim that I did all this stuff (even though I wish I did), I'm just trying to share some of my fantasies. As far as what I like in a girl, I'm pretty nonspecific. I like a big set of tits and a some ass, and of course a pretty face. My number one turn on is good teeth and a pretty smile Type of guys I like physically are usually bigger than me and athletic, usually not completely roided out but really well toned. And hopefully really cute, and I like the kinda shaggy skater boi type of haircut. And not a lot of hair either. I'm kinda into twinkss (A big dick helps too) ))) Look up "Tommy Anders" for a kinda blueprint haha. I put him as my avatar, he's gorgeous Fetishes/Turn Ons (You can probably guess most of these just by reading one of my stories): Prob my biggest is oral, both giving and receiving. Especially facefucking and deepthroating. some anal and ass eating is good too, all clean. I also like gangbang-like scenarios where multiple people are fucking one person. Another big one is basically feeling dominated and/or humiliated, and being called slut/whore etc. Nothing painful, gross or BDSM really, but just someone being handcuffed or blindfolded or gagged, goes back to the domination thing. Not a huge fan of crossdressing, but women's panties turn me on, and if say someone makes their "slut" wear some makeup or a skirt or something to humiliate them, that can be hot. I also really like cum, i love giving and receiving facials and swallowing. So in conclusion if you're not looking for an epic novel and just want to get off to some intense, descriptive, well-written smut, you've found your author P.S. Please leave comments if you read a story, I love hearing what people think of my fantasies. Whether you loved it, hated it, or want to make some suggestions, please leave a comment! I'll try to respond to everyone!

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I awoke to the creaking of Nathan's steps as two tall, beautiful boys made their way downstairs. I sat up on his couch and licked my lips, the bitterness of our previous concoction still lingering on my tongue. They both entered the room already shirtless and pulling at their belts. I got to my knees excitedly, eager to continue my fulfillment of the bet. Nathan was the first to get his...

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We both sat naked next to each other, my cock standing stiff and erect, Nathan's laying flaccid and sticky against his thigh. He slid on his boxers and looked over at my boner. "Did that turn you on?" he asked. I was suddenly terrified. I didn't want him to think I enjoyed it, I only sucked his dick because I lost a bet. It wasn't gay, it was just a bet. But I did enjoy it. And my erection...

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Warm Mouth of a Friend

The surprise I felt that his dick was as enormous as it was, was second only to my surprise of his willingness. I had known Jacob since we were kids, he always seemed so interested in women, seemingly talking about and chasing them at every opportunity. Now, as we lay in his bed kissing, he seemed as though he couldn't let me in his pants fast enough. Not that I minded. I wasted little...

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"Do I really have to go through with this?" I asked, feigning disinterest. In reality, my cock was growing steadily more erect by the minute. "I told you, just give me 50 bucks and I'll call the whole thing off." Not a chance. I had him right where I wanted him. For weeks, I'd daydreamed about the moment when I'd be able to peel off his briefs and devour his cock, to lovingly thrust...

Added 21 Jul 2010 | Category Gay Male | Votes 21 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 23,811 | 8 Comments

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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