leahlidocaine's Blog Entries

06 Nov 2013 22:47

Sorry I haven't been on in forever! And no, I didn't forget about you!

26 May 2013 20:00

I think the bassist from the band I like has been snooping my blog. lol

25 May 2013 21:27

Slowly but surely working on a new story for y'all... Hope you haven't forgotten about me!

26 Apr 2013 22:50

Wow... seems i haven't been online here in forever! I've just been so out of it with stress and house hunting I haven't made much time to Lush it up! I hope you all forgive me! XoXo

01 Apr 2013 23:34

Sorry I've been so absent lately everyone... I had my wisdome teeth pulled 2 weeks ago and the healing process id slow... not to mention I am in the middle of packing and moving. As soon as things settle down, I'll be back to my old self

22 Mar 2013 19:33

Sorry I've been gone all week everyone... Had a lot going on, not to mention I had my wisdom teeth pulled, so I've been a tad bit out of it. I plan on being back next week

09 Mar 2013 22:22

Drinking beer, blogging, and swallowing painkillers for this damn wisdom tooth... SAD FACE

24 Feb 2013 00:33

Alright everyone... It took some time with all the shit that has hit me this year, but I finally managed to finish the story I started in early January. Its not my best work, I aplogize, but it came out after a lot of bad times that have been happening. So, I promise to get back to par. Read it! lol

22 Feb 2013 23:51

alright, I pushed through it and finished my story... just waiting for it to get accepted.

22 Feb 2013 21:29

sorry I haven't finished my story yet. I've had lots going on in my life and just haven't been able to find the time... but I promise I'm working on it!

13 Feb 2013 22:05

Okay, been getting out of a funk, working all the time, and just plain wiped out... I haven't worked on my latest story as much as I want too, so I'm gonna try and knock out a few paragraphs tonight

02 Feb 2013 21:19

Okay guys... finally starting to feel like myself again, and have started working on my latest story. I put it on hold the last 2 weeks. Hope to have it done soon!

01 Feb 2013 22:43

check out my latest story,K?


28 Jan 2013 22:21

So yeah, week over and funeral done... Back to trying to be me again...

so, check out my latest story, and leave comments to make me feel better
K? Thanks

20 Jan 2013 01:21

Hey y'all.... I'm working on another story. However I just published one a few nights ago, its called "Just What She Needed". Take a read, rate it, leave a comment while you wait for my next one! Should be done in a day or two!!!