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Hannah and Lexie

Hannah's desire becomes reality.

Hannah had met Lexie at work. Lexie was unlike anyone Hannah had ever seen; she was exotic. Strangely they had got on and become close friends whilst working together. Lexie had made it clear that she was a lesbian since they first met, laughing at Hannah’s face when she blushed. Lexie had a number of girlfriends but nothing ever serious and Hannah was always invited along if they went to a...Read On

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I Want To Fuck My Best Friend

I love her, I Want Her, I Need Her, I’ll Get Her

My parents are going out of town for the weekend for their anniversary and I've got the house all to myself. They've allowed Bailey (my best friend) to sleep over. They hate when they leave me all alone, which they do so often, so Bailey spends a lot of time here. The thing about my best friend is that I’m in love with her. I know, without a doubt, she’s the girl I want to be with. She...Read On


Early Morning Sale

Kate gets more then a bargin at an early morning sale before work

Kate was browsing through the online shopping section of a local department store one day. She saw a section where people could make comments about products they had purchased. There was a comment by a woman about something she had bought. She noticed how beautiful she was in the little picture next to her name. Naomi, what a sexy name she thought. Kate liked the comment then clicked on her...Read On


The Tease Chapter 3: The Best Friend

Jen and Laura have some fun

Jen met Laura at her first year at the Air Force Academy. Laura was from Beverly Hills, California. Her father was a TV Producer, and her mother a fairly recognizable actress. Laura was a Junior, two years ahead of Jen, and even after two years at the Air Force Academy, Laura would still sometimes ask herself how the hell she came to be in the service. Laura was a straight A student but,...Read On


24 Hours - Part Two

Two best friends continue their 24 hours together and one gets a shock

FRIDAY 11.48PM It was time for bed. Dita said she had to leave at 7.00 in the morning to catch her flight so they both made their way to their own rooms, chatting and giggling as they did so. In her room, Clare slid out of her clothes and slipped under her duvet, still wet from what had happened earlier. As she lay there under the glow of the bedside light, her mind kept wandering back to...Read On


my Last Summer Before College Part 3

Christine comes home to confront her sister and Jolene

After talking with mom and discovering Maggie was staying at Jolene's some weekends I made up my mind to come home for the Summer. All the different scenarios that could be taking place toyed with my mind. Those thoughts preoccupied me when I should have been studying for finals. The easy thing to have done would have been to just ask them over the phone. I really hadn't been that...Read On


24 Hours Part One

Two old friends discover a new side to their friendship over 24 hours

Friday, 7:32 a.m. Clare didn’t even bother going into her office first. She rushed straight to the loo. The thirty-eight year old account director at a leading public relations firm in London was desperate to relieve the ache between her legs that had been building up since the early hours of the morning. She had been divorced ever since David, her banker husband, ran off with...Read On


Mira - 4

Mira introduces me to the dark side of her life

Irina selected clothes for me, presumably to Mira’s instructions. She rolled nearly black stockings up my legs and clipped them to a suspender belt of black silk. She held a long, crimson silk evening dress for me – I had never seen it before. It had a slit up the side that revealed my stocking tops and the bodice was almost transparent so that my nipples showed through the fabric barely...Read On


Room 769

Two women find themselves in the same neglected situation and decide to help each other out.

Bianca enters the reception area of the fancy hotel and walks up to the desk. She signs in and takes the key she is handed, then lugging her suitcase behind her, she heads towards the elevator. Hitting the up arrow, she waits for the elevator doors to open. As she steps into the elevator, Bianca thinks about why she’s here. Not because of some business trip, that’s for sure. The...Read On


Mira - 3

My employment with Mira continues

I woke up alone. I think it had been the clattering of a helicopter that had disturbed me. The sun was filtering through the drawn curtains of my suite and I lay between silk sheets and remembered the previous evening. My hand moved without my consciously directing it to my pussy where, as my legs spread, I stroked myself languidly. Mira’s smell was all around me and there were still...Read On


Carla's Interview - part 3

Carla gets the job.

"Now Carla," said Michelle in a matter-of-fact manner, as she stepped away from the girl she'd just help bring to an incredible orgasm, "let me make one thing quite clear. If you are to join my team, you are to report directly to me and to take orders from no one else but Andrew or myself. Is that clear?" "Yes," whimpered Carla, still shaking slightly as she tried to push herself up from...Read On


Mira - 2

The new job develops

Mira Destovsky was sitting at her desk when I entered the office, ushered in by her tall, svelte, Russian secretary, Ivanova. She was all business, looking at her watch to confirm I was on time. I could only see her top half and she looked as gorgeous as I remembered her although her hair was drawn severely back. Her pale blue silk blouse was buttoned to the neck and she wore a man’s tie,...Read On


Tuesdae's Desire for a Sundae on Wednesdae - Part 1

He had no idea what was about to happen.

It's been a long week at work, every day just waiting until the moment I can return home to my angel. Today is no different. TGIF. I unlock the door and enter a darkened house. There is a mix of new smells that tantalize my senses. Sweet. Fruity. Jasmine. Candles. I make my way to the bedroom. I can hear giggling. I peek in, not letting my presence be known. On the bed is a dark haired...Read On


Mira - 1

The surprising job interview

‘Is that your natural hair colour?’ The launch of the super yacht ‘Mira’ was a major event. I was there because I do the interior design section of my regional newspaper and my colleague, Luke, was there because he covers local industry. The yacht had been built in a local yard and the gala press day was designed to show it off. We’d been invited aboard for a sumptuous champagne...Read On


Jenny? Meet Susie! -- Part 1

Two best friends find an interesting topic that they're both curious about.

"Oh, Susie, yes... right there.. Mmmhhh... oh yes, yes, that's it.. harder.. deeper! Oh god, fuck me Susie!" "Heh..." "W-what?" "Nothing.. just thinking.. we've known each other years and never tried this.. why'd it come up all of a sudden?" "Oh god, I don't even remember. Just fuck me, no slacking!" Chapter One : Why? Jenny was in no mood today. Woken abruptly at 6 this morning, and...Read On


Office Slut

A naughty office slut's time on Lush during work leads to some unexpected surprises...

My office was small, barely able to fit the usual office stuff in it; the desk, spinny chair, small filing cabinet and PC made the room so cramped that on summer days the heat was stifling. In winter it was fairly comfortable, the cramped space not allowing out much heat. At least I was near the window so the cool breeze reached me. Although it was an uncomfortable office in the scorching...Read On


Greta 2 – On The Island

Her Mistresses Pleasure

Second Day On The Island   It was not quite 8:00 am and through the kitchen window Greta saw the boat from the mainland pull up to the dock. Janet got out alone toting her overnight bag, waved goodbye to the captain and started up to the house. Greta, always of service, greeted her at the door. Janet smiled pleasantly and explained that her husband still had some business leftover...Read On


Her First Orgasm - Part 2

Miss Deanie enjoys the rest of her days

A few weeks had gone by and all I could think about was Miss Deanie. She was in every thought I had since that day. I had a crush on her for such a long time and we had finally made love. I didn’t want to push anything with her so I waited for her to make the next move. We were having another Woman’s Club Meeting at the church. I was nervous about going. I prettied myself up and headed out. ...Read On


The Girls Weekend

Kim gets the girls together and finds a new side of her friendship with one of her best friends

There were four of us. We did almost everything together when we were younger. We grew up and moved on with our lives, and we vowed to always take one weekend every year to reconnect. We did it at first, but a few years had passed, and one of us would always have an excuse not to go. It had been four years, and I was determined to get us together. I emailed the girls and told them I had booked...Read On


Amy and Rachel at the Beach: Part 2

When Robert entices the girls into something different, Rachel discovers her power

The house of the middle-age industrialist from Quebec was possibly the most modern structure on the beach. The design was austere inside and out, the décor all white or gray, including the furnishings, which were dramatically stark. Robert Bissett’s dinner guests, Amy and Rachel, were bedazzled, not only by the house, but by their host as well. Amy’s infatuation for the man was obvious from...Read On


Best Friends, Soul Mates, Lovers...

Two best friends have their first lesbian experience

I’d turned eighteen the day before our high-school prom. My friend, the girl I’d loved as one of my best friends for the few years we’d known each other, had turned eighteen the previous September.  I had a long-term boyfriend of three-and a-bit years by this point; she had one of two years. We were all friends and we’d grown up together. She was beautiful; red hair down to her bra strap,...Read On


My Last Summer Before College Part 2

Sometimes good things come from bad

The next couple of weeks consisted mostly of grooming and riding. Maggie met a guy and started hanging out with him rather than working for Jolene. That meant I got twice as much work, along with more riding time. Jolene would come out and talk with me more than when Maggie was around. I found out she'd inherited her home from her parents; she had a business degree and an MBA. She didn't...Read On


Quick Flash - I'm SO Happy My Date Didn't Show Up Last Night!

Julie's date never showed up to dinner...and she was extremely happy he didn't!

Andrea, You will not believe where I am right now! I’m typing this on my phone so I may be making some mistakes. OK, so last night I went to the bar to meet that guy that I had been talking to for a few weeks. Remember that really cute guy we met a few weeks ago at Charlene’s house? Well, His name is Matt and I gave him my number that night and we started texting…and then started...Read On


My Last Summer Before College: Part 1

A trip to the county fair turns into a new discovery.

When I was younger, we lived in a small town that hosted the county fair. My parents would take my little sister and I to see the animals, ride the various amusements, and to see the homemade items that county fairs are famous for. We looked at all the huge vegetables, the quilts, canned foods and knick knacks but my favorites were the animals. We didn't have the room for any farm creatures...Read On


Sounds from the attic: The fourth chapter

Erin and Gillian have the attic to themselves

Over the next four months, Erin, and her husband Joe, continued to have parties at their house. I never really figured out why, but they did. Anyway, every time they had a party, I made sure I was there. I had sex with Erin, Shawna and Billy quite a few times, and it was hot. Somehow, Erin's husband never found out. I could never figure that out, but it wasn't the worst thing in the world...Read On


Blondie's Beach Trip

Could This Get Any Better?

“Is it weird I am nervous to meet her? I mean, I've known her for so long online, so why should I be so nervous?” I take my boyfriends hand, as we drive up north for our vacation. We finally both got time off, and we’re going up to see friends of ours. We’re also meeting someone I've known online through Lush. “No, I don’t think it’s weird at all. I suppose it’s different in...Read On


Lesson Learned Ch. 04

After the sex, what's left?

“Are you sure you should do this again?” Gina asked me over lunch a couple of weeks later. Lia and I had gotten together nearly every night during those two weeks and it was like it used to be. Fantastic sex at night, friendly acquaintances during the day. “Why not?” I took a bite of my burger. “I just thought you . . . I don’t know.” Gina shook her head, then pushed her brown hair...Read On


Lesson Learned Ch. 03

A little talk, but more sex.

Thankfully the next day was Sunday, because I couldn’t have functioned at work after the night before. I slept until close to eleven and might have slept later but for Lia’s slipping her hand between my legs and making me come. Waking via orgasm wasn’t a bad way to start the day. It was hard to get into the swing of things after sleeping so late, despite the way I woke up. Breakfast...Read On


Lesson Learned Ch. 02

Iris and Lia head back to Iris' place.

A couple of hours later, our little group headed out the door. The club was still open, but we’d had it and a couple of people—Gina’s sister, Annie, for one—had definitely had more than enough to drink. I stood outside, glad for the chance to breathe without bumping into someone as we said our goodbyes. Gina came over while I stood on the sidewalk and took a deep breath of cool air. “I’m...Read On


My Sub Part Three

Our relationship is finally established!

It's time for Thanksgiving, and we have a mini party at Julie's the Monday night before we leave. The vodka and tequila flow freely, and Kamiko and I do a fair amount of public making out. Julie's found a decent guy named Chad and he's totally cool with us practically getting it on in front of them, but Julie decides to give us some competition in the public affection and practically attacks...Read On