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An Amazing Love Story

A wonderful love story in New York city.

The day I met Julia, I was alone. On a cloudy, dull, cool, damp early spring day in Manhattan, I was mindlessly walking up one of the busiest streets in the world among the hookers, pimps, honking taxis, busy shoppers and theatre people hurrying every which way, but I was alone. As I trod up Broadway towards Central Park, I was numb to all the sounds that surrounded me. It had been four...Read On


Two Go Wild in Benidorm

A threesome with a Massai Warrior

Doreen and Barbara, two English divorcees, are sharing a beach side apartment in the Spanish resort of Benidorm. Barbara is the owner and uses it as her base for discreet prostitution work, servicing the needs of frustrated middle-aged British ex-pats. Her close friend Doreen is visiting after the breakdown of her marriage, which had been virtually sexless for years. The two women couldn't...Read On


An Erotic night with Linda

A lonely woman has her first sexual experience with a woman

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was feeling a little down. On my way home from work, I decide to stop off at a bar. I get a drink and find a table and sit down. A woman approaches me and tells me her name is Linda. I tell her that my name is Victoria. Linda is beautiful, and about my age and asked if she could buy me a drink. I tell her that would be great. We are drinking our...Read On


Rain, jazz, and a woman's touch

Alexis finds unbelievable pleasure with another woman on a rainy night

The rain fell with abandon onto the streets and windows of the club. Splattering and making it's mark where it wanted. The wind sometimes tossing it up against the glass, like a woman throwing up her hands and hitting the wall behind her as her lover forces her up against it. Giving in, submitting to it, and trailing downwards in wetness. The impending darkness of the dusk was creeping...Read On


More Than a Massage

Two girls. A massage table. Need I say any more?

Sara had been saying she needed a massage for ages and she was looking forward to the full body she had booked for after work. As she entered the salon, it was pretty late and she was the only customer. She was greeted by a young woman with short hair who smiled and made small talk. Sara learned that the girl's name was Alicia although she preferred Ally. Like Sara, she was also in her...Read On


The Goddess of Earth

The Queen uses the Autumn Equinox festivities and Lady Margaret to ensure she has a male heir

It was 1463, the eve of the Autumn Equinox, the village and the Castle were preparing for the festival the next day. The Autumn Equinox celebrated one of the two days that would have equal daylight and nighttime during the Wheel of the Year. The villagers were to set up tents to sell their goods along the Castle wall during the day and the Royal Court was holding a ball inside the walls of...Read On


A Chance Meeting

Two people meet in a bar in London

It was her first trip to England and she was all eyes. Passport Control had been a breeze. Her diplomatic passport raised a few eye brows as did her attire but nothing beyond what she’d encountered in the past. She cleared baggage claim and walked out into the cool, damp night air and saw the shuttle for her hotel and hurried over to board. The driver practically fell over his feet getting...Read On


Chloe Comes Calling Chapter 3

"It's going to be a hot and sunny day, with high temperatures of thirty two to thirty three degrees in urban areas," came the sober voice from the radio. I clicked it off before they could give out their dire warnings of running the risk of heatstroke, and make sure you always wear sun cream. I picked the right week to take some leave from work, I thought to myself. I looked out the window...Read On


Sorority Sisters

Kelly arched her back and moaned bitting her lower lip as her sorority leader was licking her pussy

Kelly Johnson, a eighteen year old sorority sister in college, walked up the library steps and entered the tall, grey building. She sat down quietly at a table and got some books from her bag and began to read. It was a book on English History. Two of her sorority sisters, Lisa and Jenna, sat beside her and whispered that their sorority sister leader, Megan Adams, wanted to see Kelly urgently....Read On


The Road Trip

Lauren and Jenny go on a road trip they'll never forget

It was six o'clock in the morning when Jenny pulled up at Lauren's house. She tiptoed to the front door and tapped gently, so she didn't wake Lauren's family up. The two 21 year olds had decided to go on a four day road trip to Kent, England. Jenny was the eldest of the two being a September born, she had long blonde hair, and a big toned bum because she was very sporty. At 5'6 she was one of...Read On


The Pussy Ride

Jessica lowered her black, lacy knickers down her legs to let her friend Bridget taste her

Jessica Noakes and Bridget Fowler were the best of friends since high school and they were now in college having all the freedom in the world to do what they want and when they want without having to authorise it with their parents. Jessica was tall, blonde, and blue- green eyes, with a terrific slender tanned figure whereas her Bridget was petite with flame red hair, blue eyed, with not...Read On


Shopping Spree; part 4

Lex and I check out the veiwing booths at our sex shop

Two guys were working at the registers. There was a woman behind the counter, too. She looked to be a manager; she was older then they were and preoccupied with a stack of paperwork. They both had lanyards with nametags on them: Todd and James. I stepped into Todd’s line, and Lex waited behind me. “Did you find everything ok?” He asked me. “Um…yeah.” It seemed a little strange discussing...Read On


A Double Orgasm Hits a First Time Writer

A first time writer conjures up a story that leaves her spent - twice

There I was, a thirty-seven year old woman, sitting looking at my iMac screen with my fingers poised over the keyboard. It was pretty late on a Saturday and I was just wearing a red cotton vest top and plain white panties. The lights were low and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc looked at me from my desk. That week had been a bit of a strange one. On Monday I had finally moved into a new flat...Read On


Shopping Spree; Part 5

Lex and I get intimate

“Hmm, you like that?” Lex could feel it too. She had slid her hand up the front of my skirt and was resting it between my thighs. She squeezed and my breath hung in my chest for a minute as I forget to exhale it. A whimper was all that came out, but Lex took it as a yes. “Well I guess you are a greedy little whore then. Wanting two cocks… all for yourself… in your mouth… together.” She...Read On


Coach Trip Moves Into A Hotel Bedroom

A second orgasm is the result of twelve years of waiting

Well what a night that was. Catching up with the girls had been a blast. A beautiful meal, copious amounts of wine followed by a couple of hours of girl talk in a very chic bar in Soho. As Jill and I walked through the bedroom door, I smacked into the frame and giggled before stumbling forward, catching myself on the chest of drawers, on which stood a large TV. Jill and I were both dressed...Read On