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First Date

Kiara takes Faith on their first date

"So," Faith said quizzically, "where is it you're taking me?" Kiara had a plan, but not one she was ready to share with her new friend. "Oh, you'll love it," was all she was willing to say. They arrived after around fifteen minutes of walking next to a beach, but more importantly at an ice-cream van, though it was a lot larger than a regular one. Fully decked out with a kitchen in the...Read On


Wet Work

Mel joins the family business

My Dad taught me to shoot when I was about 14 years old. He was a lovely man, gentle and popular. He had learned to shoot during a long and highly decorated career in the army and it was a passion of his, one he could not share with my mother who was always unkind to me, mainly I think, because she resented my relationship with him. I was good at shooting pistols and long guns and he...Read On

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The Interview

A college student gets a memorable summer job interview for an erotic phone actress position.

The summer before my final year in college I was really hurting for money and didn't know what I was going to do. My parents didn't have any extra money and I couldn't find a job for the summer no matter what I did, it just wasn't working out for me. I was sitting in a coffee shop with a few of the girls from one of my classes that had just finished. I only knew a couple of them, the rest I...Read On


Fresh Bedding

A sneaky change of bedding with an added surprise for my girlfriend

Ever since I'd moved in I'd hated Emma's bedding. I don't dislike blue but it was a very 'boyish' colour and wasn't really fitting of our new relationship and living arrangements. We needed to have something we both liked. I smiled to myself as I hatched a plan to change them without Emma noticing. She had no idea what I had planned but I knew she was going to love it! "Bye Katie," she said...Read On


Italian Lingerie Store

I get extra special service when lingerie shopping

My name is Gabriela. No, it's not, but I'm not telling you my real name. I'm 29 years old. I was 29 last year too. I'm a professional girlfriend. My boyfriends' wives would call me a whore. My boyfriends buy me jewelry, clothing, pay my rent, my credit card bills, sometimes even give me shares in their companies or illegal stock tips. What do they get out of it? What do you think?...Read On


Beg For It

Love Trinity is a concierge at a new hotel. She is going to give a new resident some special treatm

"Ugh, 5 o'clock needs to hurry and come. It's bad enough I had to work for someone else on my off day," Love thought aloud. A co-worker was coming late so she was recommended to take her shift. Everyone knew she was just out fucking her new boyfriend, which she got a new one every week. Love worked at as a concierge at one of the new hotels in the nation. Love Trinity was...Read On


Lise's Bar - The Dark Night

Ten minutes to ponder

Ten minutes. Time passes at different rates. When something you are hoping for is awaited, time drags. When you’re in the dentist’s waiting room, time drags then too because you want the ordeal over. But when you are trying to formulate an answer to a question, the allotted period flies past. I watched the clock’s hands and I swear they moved faster than normal. I could think of nothing...Read On


Lise's Bar - the Development

My relationship with Greta moves on

It must have been about 9 in the evening. I woke up slowly, not sure exactly where I was. I opened my eyes and there was Eva, Greta’s girl, standing beside the bed. She smiled down at me and I realised I was alone in the bed. ‘Miss Greta would like me to help you prepare for the evening, Miss Kitty. I have chosen clothes for you that I think will fit and which will be prefect for your...Read On


Lise's Bar - the Next Day

The following day

At 11 the next morning I stepped out of a taxi and entered Lise’s bar again. I’d worn a knee length dress in mid-blue – a summer dress because the weather was warm. I had on silk, white knickers but otherwise I was naked beneath the dress. Lise was sitting in a corner of the bar reading a newspaper. ‘Kitty, welcome! I know Greta will be here soon – she is looking forward to showing you...Read On


Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 4

It's finally time for Helen's kinky performance, and there's a surprise waiting for her.

Helen’s emotions were riding a roller coaster for the rest of the afternoon. Time and time again she relieved her neighbor’s visit as if she was watching herself in a movie recording. Everything was so far outside of her range of experiences, and the heat still lingering between her legs didn’t let her think rationally. The potted plants in the living room needed to be watered, but she...Read On


My First Sensual Experience with Celeste

I have had a crush on my friend Celeste for a while now, but I've never really known if she's felt the same way about me. She was coming over to my house and I swore to myself that I wasn't going to let her leave without telling her how I felt. To be completely honest, Celeste was terribly sexy, completely fuckable, and straight up desirable. She had long blonde wavy hair and dark green...Read On


Last Wives Club -- 10 -- A New Toy

Our heroine enjoys her new recruit's induction, then learns about the danger of recruiting.

I broke out in a sudden sweat as I saw both of the armed women in the room move their hands closer to their guns. Claire's husband, Mick, had read our offer. His jaw had clenched. His face had become red. Veins had popped out on his neck. He had taken several deep breaths, stood and said, "Come on, Claire. Ditch these bitches and come home. I know that I messed up and I'll make that up to...Read On


Her Neighbor's Games Ch. 3

Lisa's teasing continues, and Helen falls even harder for her sweet, manipulative neighbor

“Are you horny?” Helen’s eyes went wide in embarrassment, and even though her insides vibrated with need while the words resonated in her mind, she shook her head. “Don’t lie to me!” Lisa snapped, hard lines forming around her eyes. The look once again stirred up that strange, weightless feeling in Helen’s stomach. Something pushed at her breasts, and looking down she saw the balls of...Read On


Last Wives Club -- 9 -- A New Recruit

Our heroine finds a new recruit for the club.

About two months after my husband started his new job in Columbus, I found a coworker and friend in tears in the women's room at work. I had known Claire for about six months. She was a contracted technical worker; a professional researcher, not a regular employee. We had become friends while she was assigned to a team project with me. Now she was on another project, but we always looked for...Read On


Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 2

The next day, Helen gets wrapped up even tighter in her young neighbor's sexual web

Helen started the next day with a long soak in the bathtub, trying to wash away the cobwebs still in her mind. But when she reached between her legs and felt the soft hairs she was reminded of the girl, and she wondered how it might feel to be bare down there. In a daring move she knelt upright, grabbed the foam and razor usually reserved for her legs and began to shave away the blond locks...Read On