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Two Go Wild in Benidorm Again

A fem's introduction to watersports

On a bright sunny morning in a seafront apartment in Benidorm, two women are busily preparing a picnic for a day on the beach. Less than five weeks before, Doreen had arrived in Spain to visit her old friend Barbara, seeking solace after a messy divorce. That solace soon blossomed into a passionate affair which has been a sexual revelation for the once-staid visitor. It has also...Read On



Will my best friend like me like I like her?

I think I was certain already and had been for some time. I suppose it was just to finally test myself when I decided to kiss the two guys. The kisses were about two weeks apart but I knew after the first one that I was sure of what I'd been feeling for years. I'm not sure why I tried again with the second guy but as this was something that would affect the rest of my life, I guess I had to...Read On


Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

The events at Intime

Lauren broke our kiss, her hands on my upper arms and gently pushed me away. Her eyes wandered over me. ‘Perfect. I love the blouse – just right. Well done.’ She pulled me back for a deeper, hungrier kiss and once again her hands roamed over my arse but not once did she seem to want to check the jewel was in place as she had instructed. ‘Now you must come to our table. We have two...Read On


The Bored Wife: Suhaila Gets Even

Suhaila teaches Kevin a lesson

Suhaila was still angry when she thought of Kevin's deceitfulness. But, she must admit, he did have a nice cock and was very good at fucking her with it. Her pussy could not dissuade her brain though. She had to get revenge, but she would need a little help. Suhaila called her friend Sharon to come over. Sharon was her good friend from Singapore. She was around 5'6", with long black hair....Read On


Surprises: One for You, One for Me part 2

I model for Lex and give her a taste of my surprise

“So what do you have in mind?” I stepped out of the shower boldly, naked and not concerned about where my towel was. Two bright lights flashed as I did. Lex was standing in the doorway with her camera wearing her long over-coat. “Gotcha! And you look good.” Lex smiled at me. “I’ve decided it’s just not right that your sexy body hasn’t been immortalized on film yet.” I grabbed my towel...Read On



Waiting for Lauren

Sunday Morning It was almost 2.30 in the morning when Lauren told me a cab would be waiting outside the Grant to take me home. How did she know? I hadn’t heard her make a call. I dressed, putting my skirt and blouse on over my stockings and collecting my coat. As I was about to leave she called me back into the bedroom of her suite and I found her standing. She took me in her arms and...Read On



An unexpected 'phone call leads to complex emotions

Although there was no sign outside to advertise it, the place was called 'Intime.' It was tucked away in a quiet street. The street was tree lined with Georgian style lamposts which cast a yellow light on the damp pavement. There was no traffic and few footfalls. My taxi stopped outside. I paid the cabby and stepped out into the cool evening air and hesitated momentarily. I looked at the...Read On


Chapter 6: I meet a friend of mothers!

During mothers visit I meet a friend of hers!

Watching mother drive away had made me feel down, what had happened between us made me realise I was indeed a lesbian. To have lesbian feelings was one thing, to act on them was something so few women did. In those days, so few women came out as it was dangerous to let others know. It could cost one their job, as well as being shunned by friends and family. To have an incestuous...Read On


Maya's Revenge

"Oh fuck!" Maya cursed as she looked in the rear view mirror and saw the police car's lights flashing and heard the shrill beep of the siren. She wondered how long the cop had been following her. Maya was usually a perfect driver, she was aware of stories from friends and family of D.W.B, aka Driving While Black. Knowing that, she didn't give reason for cops to stop and harass her....Read On


Business Dinner

Kat joins her boyfiend for a buisness dinner and enjoys more than the dessert

Miles’s partner and his wife came to town for a conference. Bonnie and Carl lived a good life and always stayed in the newest, most lavish hotels downtown. This trip was no exception. They made reservations to have dinner in the upscale hotel restaurant and asked Miles to join them. Miles asked Kat to be his date. Kat was excited to meet Bonnie and Carl and eat at Borge’. She heard it was...Read On


Seducing Sophie

College student Kirsty corrupts her new friend.

Who is that girl? Kirsty thought as she looked across thecollege bar she regularly frequented, sipping her bacardi and coke. Intrigued she stared long and hard as the pretty brunette strutted towards the dance floor, her short, purple dress hugging her petite frame perfectly. Now Kirsty knew she wasn’t doing too badly in the looks department herself. She liked to keep in shape and the...Read On



I am so excited to finally meet you

You come over so we can actuallymeet. I’m nervous because you are so damn hot and I hope you like me, too. When you get here, I welcome you in. I suggest we watch a movie so we can get comfortable with each other. We pick one of those cheesy romance movies where the girl always gets the guy. As the story unfolds, you and I get closer and closer on the couch until finally my hand...Read On


Tub Time

A pair of ladies share dinner and an intimate bath

Cindy relaxed on her soft couch, waiting for her co-worker to arrive. Amanda was a feisty redhead who had been working at the firm for about a year now. She was also the person who had been assigned to show her the ropes during the first week of work. They had hit it off right away and found they both had a love of lasagna, which Cindy was an expert at cooking. The doorbell rang and...Read On


Surprises: One for You, One for Me part 1

Lex plans a special evening, just for us girls.

Lex and I had hooked up a few times since our trip to the sex shop. She wanted to make sure I was enjoying my dildo and insisted on seeing a demonstration. She even used it once or twice herself. I had gotten used to the idea of sharing dildos with her. It was a small price to pay for part time access to her collection. She had been preparing for her certification to be a physical trainer....Read On


What's Next?

Her one twisted one-night stand is about to get interesting

What’s Next? Three Months Ago Sarah quietly tiptoed into their bedroom, glad for once that Ashley could sleep through a nuclear war. She was late. Really late. She got caught up at work on a project and ended up in conference with some client reps in Geneva. It was their ‘morning’ and they couldn’t have cared less that it was her ‘night’ and far beyond normal business hours. Tonight...Read On