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An amateur erotica writer and hopelessly romantic at heart. Here for friendship, fun. Rarely cybing, and that too only with women. I chat on lush, the only exception being when i'm using my phone. So please dont misunderstand if I dont reply to you or respond to your poke. I'm one of those people who get stressed easily and for silly reasons. Lately i've had people misunderstanding me as i have disappeared from chats in mid-way. Please forgive me if it happens with you. I really care about people i befriend. Also, i can be shy and moody at times. If you bear with me through this, you'll see my talkative and caring side too. Please have your bio filled, so that i may know about you. I don't care to look at profiles which don't have an avatar. Similarly if you're into goth/ bondage/ bi stuff, please excuse me..

I'm of mixed ethnicity, and my close friends know about it..

*When i started using lush, i was working at NY. Now i'm living at LA. I have still not decided, whether i'll be spending as much time here as before, or not..

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19 Sep 2012
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California, United States
Reading Fiction, Listening to Music when either insomniac or relaxing..
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The list is kinda huge
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Mostly romantic movies- new and old. Some comedies too, though..
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Pop, Rock, Film soundtrack
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Topic: Love Test
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 08:47

I Scored 75. Not bad, i guess.

Topic: strap on sex?
Posted: 03 Apr 2014 10:15

Oh my!!! Take me now!!

I wouldn't mind too. As long as its Hayley. Lol.

Topic: strap on sex?
Posted: 02 Apr 2014 10:25

Its nice for a change. Length matters, over thickness, for me. Receiving would be more fun but giving would also be a good idea.

Topic: Female friendly porn....
Posted: 29 Mar 2014 09:20

I can't help you with hetero porn.

If your girlfriend watches lesbian porn, i'd recommend a site known as lesbea. Very soft, passionate and artistically shot videos. Their content cannot be simply compared with most of the others out there, because the way they make the videos, its like my own personal diary unfolding in front of the eyes.

Topic: Fantasy Celebrity Threesome
Posted: 27 Mar 2014 10:15

I know its too much to think about.
But this is something which i can make exceptions about. Being from LA, and also as an amateur erotica author, i have some things i sometimes dream about.

Reese Witherspoon
Emma Watson

Big Hugs Embarassed

Topic: Regulation on Bondage gear.. your thoughts about it..
Posted: 23 Mar 2014 10:54

I dont have anything against men or society. But as it turns out, most people who have come my way have been far away from being decent and/ or understanding others. So i've developed some amount of skepticism for sure. But i do admit that there're some really nice men too, who like to care of others, in general.

Topic: Regulation on Bondage gear.. your thoughts about it..
Posted: 22 Mar 2014 09:38

Being brought up here in LA, my parents have always asked me to avoid roaming around the city at night. My friends' parents, on the other hand, are kinda liberal when it comes to things like that- i have always loved 'em for that.
I understand such regulations will create problems for even the normal people from our society; like a girl buying a toy, exploring her sexuality, or a guy looking for erotica books to be read when he misses his girlfriend or somethin'. Also sex store owners will have to deal with unprecedented circumstances.
The male outlook about women surely needs to be changed. And if suppose they are unable to control their desires, this is where paid sex comes in.
It is a necessary evil- without those women who sacrifice themselves to work as paid lovers', other women cant consider themselves somewhat safe.
However, when a women is forced to join this industry or the way she is made to work in it, is an entirely different topic.
No decent man would like his wife/ mom/ daughter/ lover to be a part of the "paid sex" industry. (I'm not using harsh words about this trade, since i dont wanna bring stigma to it.)
Thanks for your opinions, everyone. Sorry for being too emotional, but had drifted away from reality for a while. It was a blow to me because (me and my friend) we're practically sisters, and it could've happened to me.

Topic: Regulation on Bondage gear.. your thoughts about it..
Posted: 21 Mar 2014 09:35

I'm not an irrational feminist. I admit i'm kinda dumb, at times. But the reason these thoughts crossed my mind was because of the horror she enumerated to me. I'm no expert when it comes to bondage gear anyway. However, i believe that this gear is different than ropes and chains sold in DIY stores because they may compromise somewhere in quality and maybe makeshift at times. Quality Bondage gear on the other hand is specially made to tie up people as properly as possible, and hold them in such positions for large amount of time. She told me she tried to bite a leather belt once, the one with which her hands were tied up, but it was too nicely made. We used to camp when we were young together, and more than once she had shown me her skills of using the teeth in unexpected circumstances. I know i'm not realistic, but since its just a debate i would add that if identification was required while procuring bondage stuff, it makes committing crimes difficult from the beginning a bit. I believe if it would increase the safety of some of us even a little bit, people like my friend or me who feel empathetic about her are ready to sacrifice our freedom if the goverment decides to regulate it. And i dont think its a good idea to compare sexual offences with car accidents, they just aren't the same. Though both are definitely horrible. We need "nanny state" regulations since i feel that society has enough number of evil people and their ideas create problems for all the other good ones. Maybe it will make less than 0.01% of the crimes either easy to trace or difficult to accomplish, maybe not even completely avoid, but postpone the plan. But it may do some good. And of course the identification would be required only when buying bondage gear, not our regular dildos and vibes. If someone uses such stuff to hurt a woman, this guy is to be blamed. Not the store owner from where he bought it. It will only make it easy to identify the pervert and specially if he has some kinda odd fetish to use this equipement in every crime he commits, some lives will be saved. Forgive me for being dumb, but it was a result of a very close friend crying on my shoulder. When i care for someone, i can be unreasonable. Thanks for the debate.

Topic: Regulation on Bondage gear.. your thoughts about it..
Posted: 20 Mar 2014 20:41

I believe there should be kind of regulation/ identification needed when someone goes to buy bondage stuff. This is to differentiate between the enthusiasts from sexual offenders who are getting readymade props for their perverse acts. This will speed up the process to ensure justice to the victims of sexual offences. It occurred to me while a friend told me about narrowly escaping rape sometime ago. Her captor had used store-bought stuff to tie her up. I wanna know what people think about the idea..

P.S. : This does not apply to toys, because they are not significant when it comes to being used by perverts.

Topic: Would you like to have a fuck-machine in your house?
Posted: 19 Mar 2014 01:00


Lovemaking or even masturbating is kinda personal and sacred for me. Small, discreet toy(s) are more than enough for me.

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Jen, My first love

It is said that opposites attract. I guess the story of Jen and me is a case in point. God, I will never be able to forget Jen, my first lesbian lover. I met her for the first time when I stepped into my room at the uni. She was going to be my roomie. I used to be shyer in those days. I sported nerdy glasses, had a few friends and basically minded my own business. It wasn’t like I was a...

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