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18 Apr 2012 19:24

So, I'm done with the nudist story...Now...I have a strange desire to write something really dirty. Any suggestions?

03 Mar 2012 05:19

So what do you think, should I continue to write my current story or start something new?

05 Feb 2012 07:06

So, I'm trying to decide if I should keep writing. I really don't see any real benefit from it. So this may be it.

05 Oct 2011 17:57

I almost have the next story proofed and ready to post. Maybe next week. I promise I'm going to finish this one guys. I promise. Pinky swear.

05 Oct 2011 17:55

Wow! I made it to top author! That's fucking amazing! I'm so happy. It is thanks to all of you. If it wasn't for you guys, I would be nobody. Thanks so much. My readers are the best in the entire world. I love you guys! - Sticky kisses.

02 Oct 2011 17:36

Ok, the next chapter has been submitted, I'll let you know when, or if it gets published.

02 Oct 2011 11:37

Man, I love all you guys. I get so many cool emails. So many beautiful and horny friends out there. I really love it. I can't wait to get to know more of you. Yes, I know, I need to read more as well as write, and I'll try. I know several of you are extremely talented writers. I'm so intimidated. I love being in your sexy company.

29 Sep 2011 18:08

No one loves me today. Guess I'll go eat some worms.

28 Sep 2011 20:04 here is a hint to the next story. I want to write a story about the Queen Elizabeth's younger days. Not historical, just about her and her experience when she moves into the former Queen's house. If you know that bit of history, you know it was pretty fucking hot. Yeah, I know, I'll have to make her older or it won't get published, but for some reason that keeps spinning round in my head. I just love history. I love the Tudors. I'm so lame. I hope you guys stay with me. I need you. So much. Mmm.

28 Sep 2011 20:01

So, the next two chapters in my nudist-ish story are my favorites. I just finished rewriting the next chapter and fuck, I was so horny. I masturbated toward the end and found it difficult to write. Why? You may ask. We'll, I'll just tell you. It is almost, blow by blow, a true story. The following chapter isn't true at all, however, and it is BY FAR, my favorite chapter of the entire story. So much so, I thought about ending the story there...but I won't. I'm going to keep it going for at least one more chapter. I promise I'll end this one though. I know. I know. God, You guys are so awesome. I hope you keep reading and giving me feedback.

27 Sep 2011 19:04

So...I'm going to sleep. I'm tired. I'll just check back tomorrow to see if they put my story through. Keep in touch my friends. I love you.

27 Sep 2011 19:02

Ok, so...if anyone knows where to get Nastassja Kinski's movie, "Stay as you are" let me know.

27 Sep 2011 18:57

Oh, and there is a fly in my house. A fly. buzzing around my head. Why?

27 Sep 2011 18:57

So, I just submitted the second story, entitled "The friend". I don't know why. I suck at titles. I hope you'll like it as much as the first, it is a bit of a lead in to the next two stories that are far more sexual. So...umm...yeah...hope you like it.

26 Sep 2011 18:42

I'm working on refining the second story. Also, if anyone is wondering why I removed the images, I'm tired of people not judging my stories for the stories, not for how I look.