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23 Mar 2014 17:16

i honestly don't get why some people come to a sex site, make a profile & then be a HUGE prude about it. like they bitch at u for bringing up sexually stuff....ON A SEX SITE! & then some think watching porn is gross or even masturbating is gross & some refuse to even put pix up. WTF EVER! go on or e-harmony then! case anyone forgot...***THIS IS A SEX SITE*** so talking about sex should be tolerated. that's what u should expect. u don't like it...LEAVE!

05 Feb 2014 09:41

add me on kik, skype or snapchat. just hit me up for my display name or send me yours

04 Dec 2013 06:58

**My Profile is all updated & current now!!! ** new Friends, friend requests, messages, comments & pokes are all welcome. i reply to all my messages! have a fun & sexy day