Group Sex(1)


A Night Out (The adventures of Emma, Dante and Jonah Part 1)

Emma meets two hot brothers on a night out

It’s Friday night, weekend at last! Dancing is on the agenda. My friends and I want to go clubbing tonight and I am standing in front of my wardrobe, deciding what to wear. Not an easy task. After about an hour, most of my wardrobe is spread out on my bed and I’m still not any wiser. Ok, time for the good old favorites. Another thirty minutes later I’m prancing in front of my full length...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


The Dance

A visit to a fair turns into a romantic encounter for a couple

This story is partly based on a real occurence. It is a hot day in August. We arrive at the medieval fantasy fair in the late afternoon. The sun is burning relentlessly from an azure blue sky as we enter the fair grounds. I am wearing a long red skirt, white ruffled blouse and black bodice, my curly red hair flowing down my back untamed. You look extremely sexy in your brown laced-up...Read On


Working Late

A girl working late at the office has a sexy encounter with the janitor

Wednesday evening. I’m working late. Stupid project! Why did my boss have to come up with it now. And of course it’s urgent now, should have been finished yesterday! And just because he forgot, I have to work overtime now. I’m so annoyed, really! Even had to cancel my bellydance training !!! Everybody has gone home already, the hallway is dark the other offices empty and silent. It...Read On