lonelypole's Blog Entries

09 Apr 2014 18:39

Got engaged over the weekend! You all are the first to know, as we are keeping it quiet until next week!

08 Mar 2014 17:19

The last few weeks have been very memorable....but today was sad....she left again to live her life. I missed her before she closed the car door. She says she will be back before my birthday (March 27). I will believe it when I see her smiling face and feel my arms around her in the morning. Sad thing is, we have not made love for over a year. Yet she turns me on like no one I have ever met....but I cannot bring myself to initiate it. God please help me!

09 Feb 2014 16:34

Gotta stop wishin.....gotta go fishin......

You may be gone....you are not forgotten. I think of you every night, especially when I pull my pillow close. My Gypsea, my arms are open, as is my heart.....there will always be room for you.....until I decide to move on......

06 Feb 2014 21:17

I think I'm losing my religion....

30 Jan 2014 20:42

Just updated pics on my profile page...I hope you will check them out and let me know how you like them.

03 Nov 2013 01:52

So many things going on....packing up the house to move; and instead of coming with me, she has decided to move away from me. And whereas we should be spending tonight in each other's arms (after all, it is probably the last chance we will have), she has opted to be with someone else. I keep telling myself, "You have been through this before, you have survived...better things await....). I breath, I sigh.

06 Dec 2012 05:36

Thank you to everyone that read my new story, as well as anyone who has voted!