becoming LoriAnn - Part 6

Last minute preparations for our night with her husband Max!

Nikki and I got together one more time before we set her plan in motion. We had to make sure we were on the same page, that Max would have the ultimate night of his life and we had to spice up Nikki's wardrobe. Nikki was a beautiful woman, slim and sensuous, but a bit conservative in her dressing. So we made a date to go shopping. We started at Victoria's secret. We bought contrasting...Read On


Becoming LoriAnn - Part 5

Lori goes out for her first assignment and tries something new

I was now a full time working girl for Walter and I had been given my first assignment. Walter explained that I would be spending time with a couple. It seemed that this couple had decided to add some spice to their sex life by having a few threesomes. It began with the husband, wife and another woman. The second and the third time were the same except with a different woman. And while...Read On


Becoming LoriAnn - Part 4

LoriAnn has found hereself as a cock sucking, cum slurping, anal whore

I started seeing Walter, my friends uncle, about every other day and every other day was a sexual adventure. I was a cock loving, cum slurping whore in training. Soon I moved in with him and he had his way with me every day. All I was allowed to wear was a bra, a thong and stiletto heels. I was to have my hair done and full make up everyday. When expected I was to fall on my knees, suck...Read On


Becoming LoriAnn - Part 3

LoriAnn takes another step towards becoming the slutty gurl she wants to be

I was enjoying my new found sexual freedom. My first steps were slow and easy but nothing felt more exciting than discovering the feel and taste of a new hot, hard cock. The boys at school never really bothered me about regular sex and long as they got to shoot their big hot creamy loads down my throat or all over my tits, and I was happy each time I was able to swallow one of those...Read On


Becoming Lori Ann - Part 2

Lori Ann learns some new tricks

The more I thought about the warm milky cum dripping down my hand the more I knew I wanted more. My sisters continued to take me to parties as their cousin and they enjoyed seeing me having fun with the boys - mostly jerking them off - but I wanted more. I wanted to meet boys on my own and more than anything I wanted to taste a rock hard cock. I convinced my mom that it was time for Lori...Read On


Becoming LoriAnn part 1

a boy becomes the girl he always wanted to be

I had two old sisters and spent many hours borrowing and dressing up in their beautiful clothes. I loved the soft texture of their panties and bras, the silkiness of their nighties and the tightness of their pantyhose. I especially loved feeling sexy in their miniskirts and tops that revealed just a little bit of my chest. I would dress up and wish I was a cute girl. One day it happened,...Read On