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Love Poems


The luckiest man

trust in me

I am the luckiest man  You have come into my life  my mind my heart  You let me have  you let me have your heart  let me do as I please  you are kind gentle shy  you let me call you mine  take you have you  you get on your knees  your ass in the air  and let me have that ass  you have my trust  my heart me as yours  You gladly kneel before me  bow down to me hand me a collar  and ask to put...Read On


Smoke Show

Trying to define your beauty

There are no words to describe you Only the feelings that you bring To say that you are beautiful would not suffice To say you are gorgeous isn’t right You are beyond hot You melt my eyes and burn my nostrils You are liquid fire Consuming me, destroying me You are a smoke show A dance of flames and lights Filling me with urges I cannot explain Clouding my judgment with lust, I’m in pain...Read On


How I Love You

You make my day

I'm the luckiest gal in cyber space,  My lover adores me; he puts a smile on my face. Together we go on special dates, I'm always on time and never late. Sends me music that will play in the background, All these details and all these sounds. He sends me menus to where we'll dine, We always drink the finest wine. We eat, we drink, we talk to one another, He's my prince; my...Read On

Recommended Read

Moments Captured

Dreams can begin so innocently Sometimes a little selfish in nature Magic moments so big and small A journey into time together Seeing the same vision in its beauty Where special times are shared That changes into a joy-laughter and love Where lives change and souls are touched Spirits so honest, true and free Searching all the wondrous places Hoping and believing there...Read On


More alone today

Torn between life and fantasy

Before I just went through my day I just went to bed I just lived my life  I just... Then I met you... Smiling more through my day Always awaiting your sweet words Miles apart but felt new life Not sure if we will met Though I hope someday we will You give me part of what I have been missing But still no satisfaction I long to be touched To be held To be cherished Neither man in my...Read On


She is my Sweetheart

She means everything to me

The woman I love is like a single rose petal, fragile and beautiful. She can be as clear as finely-cut glass yet she has a thousand complexities. She is as soft as freshly fallen snow but steely in her resolve. She bows to nobody's will yet worships the one she loves unconditionally. Her love may be elusive to everyone but I alone hold the key to her heart. When I found her she had...Read On


She Waits

A love for all eternity.

It has been a forthnight since she was told, That her husband would not be coming home. Pieces of his boat were found adrift at sea, No sign of him could be seen. She waits. Ever since that fateful day a forthnight ago, She looks out at sea from dawn to dusk. Her view is clear from high on the hill, From their balcony. She waits. Wearing his favorite pink see through gown, Her flaming...Read On



MASTER No matter what I do I am wrong No matter what I say I am wrong Despair Desperation  Suffocation  Final My heart can't anymore I feel trapped Overpowered by your love Overpowered by your way Selfish Daddy Only thinking of yourself  How you are feeling What you want and need You promised to protect me To look after me To make me happy To love me ...Read On


Old Hammers

My grandpa once told me on one occasion, As he gave me a wink of the eye, "Son, old hammers don't fit in boxes anymore."  Little did I know his reasoning confession, Until he bit off more then he could swallow Of his tobacco and chewing skills.  Grandma was on the porch snapping green beans, Her dress folded over what I thought a prayer book. Humming some old southern ditty.  ...Read On


As She Is

In the midst of the chaos, Where darkness ruled, Crashing waves and ripping storms, He wrapped His wings around her, Gave her shelter and took her in. He brought her away from it all, Saw how lost she was, how sad, And decided no more. She curled into his embrace, There she stays. He keeps her safe, gives her a home, A place to breathe. His patience is endless, His guidance...Read On


Just sitting under a tree

Just sitting under a tree

Just sitting under the tree your head in my lap the skies are clear  the birds are singing Looking at your beautiful eyes  your beautiful smile  your beautiful sexy body Enjoying your touch on my lap  your kisses on my hand  your hair flowing in the breeze feeling  the calm of my heart  the pride of your love  like I am on cloud-9 This I can  do every day  ...Read On


Who Is She?

Looks can be deceiving.

Who is she? To the world She's a busy professional, Polished in her business suit, Sharp in her three inch stilettos. She's a wife and mother, Making a happy home, Raising her family. She's a friend, Lending an ear, Offering a shoulder. She's a daughter, Caring for her parents, Seeing to their needs. To Him She's his submissive, Eager to please, Hungry for his touch, She's...Read On


when the shadows come

When the dark shadows come

when the dark shadows come  you're the one I go to  you're the one to hold my hand  calm my nerves when I need you  you are there in a heartbeat  you don't judge  you smile and say its all right When I am down  you pick me up  you give your time  you give me a hug You have always been there for me  yet I never noticed your love  yet I was selfish  yet you cared...Read On


You're So Wonderful

You Make Me Smile

Tears flow down my face, my lover is there,  He makes me laugh and shows me he cares. He tells me jokes and stories to make me smile, He goes out of his way and goes the extra mile. He lifts my spirits when I'm hurting and down, He compliments me and turns my mood around. He thinks of things to do each and every day, The cyber sex is amazing, when we play. All of that aside, he is...Read On



In the quiet of the night The voices come out so deafening For when I am my weakest My self image they start threatening I used to be afraid of them I feared being swallowed whole Knowing I needed to be strong But feeling I had lost all control The voices can be so relentless Echoing every pain of the past Every insult and each bad mistake The voices ensure my sorrows last Being...Read On



It can be hard to forget when living with the ghosts of the past.

The harsh cry of the alarm ringing in my ears I rise through currents of uneasy slumber. Pushing through sheets tossed in restless waves To drag myself from the empty ocean of my bed Onto the bleak shore of the lonely day. Move on. Cold tiles underfoot, I reach the shower... Visions of glowing skin through steam, Hungry lips and fingers in the wet heat. Soaped bodies locked...Read On


My Flowers

Pics of Flowers

I love taking pics of flowers; Big flowers, like a big ass Small flowers, like a small waist Red flowers, like the lips  Pink flowers, like the pussy And many other colored flowers, like the ladies of all races  I take them for  My lady friends on Lush  My lady friends on Stories Space Most of all, for my love, as she gives me the best head  I take them all the time; When I am...Read On


The Apology

Don't tell me you're sorry. Show me.

Cheap syllables Only spill deceit Onto my milky crust. It's burnt by An all-consuming rage; The ashes of our trust  Have scattered. Contrition must ascend From depths so depraved It taxes Your every iota. This penitence is a craft Refined from my laments; Each cry Inveigled From clenched jaws, slackened By sheer might of force, pleading Against shivering walls of My earnest hollow. ...Read On


Whisper to My Flesh

In this most quiet of midnights A clock ticks, Pulling apart webs of dreams Each beat Penetrates my mind, Spreading awareness to my weary conscience  My eyes open, Yesterday’s filth Like sweat on my cold skin Staining my spirit and beckoning the darkness To fold me in The sheets sigh Tug and whisper to my flesh Your arms slip around my waist Fingers grasp...Read On


Winter Gardens

Winter gardens of ice maidens, Frozen poetically on paper, Like frost on willows,  Kissing the dew.  February's smile, Her name of the season. Given me reasons, To write romantically. Her love I cradle, Within my very soul. Effervescence of musk. Aura of tranquility. Flow now swiftly, my prose, Before the ink dries. Words from the well, Of her sensuality.  Like snow...Read On



The ultimate heartbreaker

Trust. A simple word. A simple meaning, A short word,  A huge responsibility, An even greater commitment. Some don’t understand The impact, The hurt, The release, The want, The end and The beginning. It is just a word, one would think, But without this word, This world would not exist. Mine, yours, only, always. Simple words, yet powerful  Powerful beyond all imaginable thinking. ...Read On


Mockingbird Orbit

Surrendering to love under the stars

Dark goes the Moon in its mockingbird orbit. Dark shines the stones in my lover's lost ring. Free flies the mockingbird out of dark cover. Lost cries the dark at the sound of the wing. The silent one waits and gracefully hovers O'er daydreams of silver and answers of gold. What can be said that has not been awoken? What can be heard that is somewhere untold? Pushing the...Read On


My treasure

My treasure

You stood there at my side, when others walked away, not wanting me to be a part. You lent me your ear, when others turned their heads. You lent me your shoulder, when others would not. You took me in your arms, when other pushed me away. You wiped away my tears, when other looked away. You calmed my nerves, and eased my pain, when other enjoyed it. You kissed...Read On



She wants to feel whole again, But she doesn’t know how. She needs to regain her happiness, Feel she has some worth Though life has made her think differently. Where do you start When everything is in shatters? He saw her struggles, Said He would lead her. With a kind and firm hand, He helps her breathe, Find enough calm to start rebuilding. Piece by piece...Read On


I'm Really Very Lucky

Loving my Lover

Waking up each day looking to talk to you,  You're so sweet with all the things you do. The things you say make me smile every day, You do these things, when we chat and when we play. You make our time spent together feel so real, The attraction I have for you and all the sex appeal. You whisper sweet nothings in my ears, I haven't heard these things in many years. I just feel so...Read On


I hope she's listening

Can she ever forgive him?

I met her here, one sweet day when she turned my head and then turned my world upside down in a good way. We danced around each other at first, neither one wanting to make the first move yet frightened to do nothing. Once ignited, our passion knew no bounds as we soared to the very heights of wanton lust, our movements in perfect sync with each other. Our couplings were legendary, driving...Read On



In the oblivious of my humbleness, Casting shadows on canisters, The shredded bones of tomes within. I stir as if cauldrons with paddles.  Piecing together words of poetic sway, Questioning not my mental way, Dark tales rising from ink of my well. Drying on paper composing sensuality. Of forget-me-not's and contraries, Cobwebs of dew, dripping on glass. Etching I scribe...Read On


How Much I Loved Her

Oh my dear friend, You are asking me how much I loved her. When I try to write about her love I am rendered helpless, Pens break and papers don't keep ink, I disappear from myself and my attributes, I lose all my strength. The meaning of happiness for me, Sitting with her under moonlight, apparently two, but one in heart. She was the fountain of my life  in this waterless land. She...Read On


Descended From These Fathers

A poem I wrote about my wife seven years before I met her

I am left here descended from these fathers Caught in the glare of sudden Illumination. Oh, you know the fathers I mean The ones who chant In the catacombs of heart Giving voice to low murmurs That hold time together With wattle, And daub, And spittle, And hopes. Dwellers where dreams Get laid to rest prematurely They sang of you in low tones That rumbled up faintly Through limestone...Read On


A bright day dawns

All is not lost

The day started like most have lately, Dark and gray, like my broken heart. There's been a hole there since you took your love away, and it only grows. We said hurtful things that day and the break was harsh, with many tears and tortured sobs of regret. It seemed that all was lost, that paradise was a place I could only dream of but never again visit. The days and...Read On