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A Dedication To My Lover

A tribute to my second mother, lover and confidante.

We met here on Lush, over two years ago Our hearts for each other beginning to grow, Seeing each other for the very first time Drinking gin and tonic, garnished with lime. Like a mother who brought me from depths of despair Loving me tenderly and brushing my hair, Sharing her husband in times of my need Bringing me to orgasm, and doing their deed. Her sweet smiling face...Read On


Walking Apart

It's over

How is it that we once walked together Shared our hopes and dreams Now, we can't stand to look at one another Without feelings of disgust to the extreme You are a disappointment In every fiber of my soul You took from me my love And now I have to do some damage control I trusted you and honored The vows we once took You never appreciated that And gave the others more than just...Read On


Happy Reminders

They say it takes some time to heal when losing love the pain you feel In biding time you realise it might just take more thoughts apprised To ask myself what did I do to let her down without a clue Sure, certian things come into play but don't add up to my dismay To pick apart the scattered clues and tell myself this was no ruse I can't keep track of all of these sadistic...Read On



Running from the pain as far as i can as fast as I can.

Running Crying Tears feel my eyes Blurring my vision Causing me to run into everything in the way knocking it down Pushing trees out of the way Trying to get away from The pain My heart Still bleeding where I left it on the cliff side Running faster and faster my chest hurting Still I keep running leaving it all behind me Remembering the time we shared with...Read On


Verses Versus

Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges

VERSES VERSUS – Lines Dashed Off in Response to Challenges Shower Scene The spray was hot, and full of steam. The couple stood beneath. His fingers in her female seam; She sucked air through clenched teeth. And even though the water cooled, (They'd been in there an hour) She loved the way that he had fooled With her clit in the shower. Belly Buttons Some...Read On


Sweet Surrender

A Love that Grows Stronger

I remember it well As if it were yesterday Your words kind and gentle Swaying me your way Your charm and charisma Your sex appeal and strength All made me want you But cautiously I kept you at arms length I knew you were a lover A man with kindness in his heart But even this melted my insides And it didn't keep us apart With each passing day My bond grew stronger Until...Read On



Am I special today To you, in my own way What I have to give, is for you to take Will it be enough for our loves sake Do I pass the tests That you request You can push, I won't go so easily You already possess a piece of me Am I worthy so far You've set the bar Do your fantasy and my reality compare Do I stand a chance of meeting you there Will I ever...Read On



Random daydreamer thoughts

I'm always living in my dreams, Day and night they flow. Picture starry nights, starry nights, Painted by Van Gogh. I have a wanting in my soul,  With a humid heat like Cuba. Naked underneath the moon, Like a poem written by Neruda. I have an addiction that won't set me free. "Find what you love and let it kill you". Written by Bukowski, Words that felt so true. My head is...Read On



Many miracles of all sizes surround us They happen to ordinary people everyday, We don't realize it when we see them Each miracle appears in a different way. It may be the frail old lady in line Waiting at the local grocery store, Whose doctors just found a cure For a disease they never saw before. Or remember the ragged homeless man, Who begs for money on the street? He is newly...Read On

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Strength to Let Go

It is in herself, she will find the strength she needs

The moonless night, black as ink, Motionless and quiet. All that's heard are snarling beasts, Nose in the air sniffing out Your worst fear. Those Hell hounds constantly Gnashing at your feet. Your past and present demons Trying to shackle you In your own nightmares While you kick and thrash in protest. Nobody can hear you scream, For the war is waged in your mind As the enemy tries...Read On


Loves Keeper

Your love is my sunshine

Love, L O V E. You enchant me,  I adore you. When I'm with you, my heart skips a beat. When you're away, I wish you right back. You light up my life, You're the sun in my sky. My strength to go on, a dream to come true. You're the key to my heart, a treasure that's true. My one and only, the best apple too. So treasure mine, I will ask you... Dance with me all through the night?...Read On



Demons are Clawing At my soul As angels Whisper In the distance. I am lost, Wandering In the mist of Shattered Hopes And unfulfilled Dreams. I reached for you, Only to find Emptiness Grasping my Heart And darkness Embracing me. I craved the Heat from Your kiss, But left Was only Cold shadows Licking My skin. I will fall Into a...Read On


She Sings to Me

All of her gifts are special but there’s one that stands out…

She gives me love, She gives me hope. My day always starts with the kindness of her thoughts and prayers And ends with her tender, loving words and kisses. She’s a giver, not a receiver. She’s a die-to-self kind of woman. She will serve you until she falls over, Completely spent, totally exhausted. Yet of all the gifts she has given me There is one that stands out Perhaps above...Read On


Our Dinner Date

It was a very special date...

Carol and I walked out of the terminal hand and hand We were meeting with Nick for dinner as we had planned We were rolling our bags out to the curb When a Lexus pulled up and it was superb The guy got out and just by his smile I knew it was Nick We all kissed and hugged and got in the car quick I felt the chemistry with Nick right from the start My online lover had taken over...Read On



Why is it we as humans want what we can not have?

Passion Love Lust Companionship Why do these things matter to us? Why do we torture ourselves by falling in love With ones we know we can not have? Longing for their touch,  To feel their skin on ours, The gentle kisses and strong hugs, Knowing it can not go any further than that. Why do we long for companionship Just to have it ripped away By some unknown force...Read On